High Aspirations

By on Sep 10, 2021 in News

Canadian residential property manager QuadReal Property Group uses Yardi software as a single connected solution for managing multiple business operations, including utility expense management, procurement, deal pipeline management, budgeting and construction management.

QuadReal recently moved to bolster its team’s professional development by adopting another solution – Yardi Aspire, which the company brands internally as Excelerate.

Aspire centralized QuadReal’s training initiatives in everything from Yardi software and leadership to new-hire orientation and supervision management skills. “Prior to Aspire, people learned on the job or through ad hoc means. We’re using Aspire to bring a much more structured approach to it,” says Dean Holmes, senior vice president of residential operations for QuadReal. “There’s a significant amount of content pre-prepared within Aspire so we don’t have to start from scratch and create it all ourselves. It’s user friendly, adaptable to QuadReal’s branding and has been well accepted.”

QuadReal measures its success with Aspire by proficiency that the workforce has achieved, especially in using Yardi software, the company’s principal Aspire focus so far. “We track our business performance and overall proficiency with systems and processes on a continual basis and have gotten rave reviews from our field and corporate teams on the quality of the content and the ease of use of Aspire. We’re getting a ton of mileage out of it and it’s our platform of choice for all our training,” Holmes says.

Aspire assumes even greater importance in the aftermath of the pandemic. “We were decentralized even before COVID and it’s going to continue to be challenging to get everybody in the same room when it’s over,” Holmes notes. “We’ll do things in person when we can but Aspire will continue to be our primary platform for delivering training and content across our company. It’s an excellent tool that’s here to say. Its potential really is limitless.”

Aspire not only meets QuardReal’s business needs but complements the company’s dedication to technology innovation. “QuadReal is very tech-focused and very innovation-focused and we recognize that innovation often focuses on technology,” Holmes says. “For us, tech culture means keeping alive the spirit of innovation and creating a climate where there’s not a big bureaucracy that hinders trying something new or experimenting. It’s about creating an environment where everybody’s idea matters, big or small, that we think may improve the business.”

In fact, he adds, “encouraging innovation is part of our annual review process. All team members are asked to designate at least one innovation goal they want to pursue, related to either technology or process. And Aspire will help them do that.”

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