Safe Spring Fun

By on Apr 14, 2021 in Events

Spring has sprung! Your residents are itching to enjoy the warmer, longer days together. They will likely begin to invite more family and friends. The tips below can help you create warm weather fun that prioritizes total wellbeing.

Check local health mandates before creating your event. Each state has different rules regarding group gatherings, social distancing and mask requirements. Check coronavirus restrictions and mask mandates for your state as well as local governments.

people watching movie in open air cinema in city park

Practice vaccination safety. As vaccine availability increases, many residents may have questions about vaccines and their implications for group gatherings. The CDC offers guidelines on what to expect after getting a COVID-19 vaccination.

Per the CDC, it takes approximately two weeks for the body to build protection after both single and double-dose vaccines. Your team may take this into consideration when hosting in-person events.

Consider these easy gathering hacks. For most properties, outdoor events may be the easiest way to encourage safe practices during gatherings. You can enjoy the indoors together as well. Below are a few considerations.

  1. Films on the Green – outdoor movie viewings are an easy way to promote community while practicing social distancing. Consider asking residents to bring their own drinks and snacks.
  2. Pool Party – The pool is always a warm weather favorite. Fortunately, there is no evidence that COVID-19 can survive in chlorinated pools, hot tubs and spas. While those water features may be safe zones, the entertainment spaces around them will require regular care. Explore reopening strategies for multifamily amenities.
  3. Gaming Parties – Find the kids and teens in their natural habitats—parked in front of their gaming consoles! By organizing gaming parties, you can help young, new residents meet other kids while practicing social distancing.

Continue to guide residents towards helpful resources. Last but certainly not least, continue your dedication to community wellness. Your organization and residents may continue to feel the impacts of COVID-19 for years to come. This may feel particularly jarring as the world returns to a sibilance of normalcy in other areas. There are several resources available to assist staff and residents through these unprecedented times.

The Mental Health Resource Library helps users navigate the pressures, challenges and unknowns of life during and after the pandemic. The library includes videos, articles and other media that are practical and user friendly.

In the library, users discover tools to help them adapt and bounce back after major life changes. There are also resources to promote calm and focus during times of heightened anxiety, stress and worry. Within the library, users can even find tools for money and financial stress management.

Yardi is a proud sponsor of The Mental Health Resource Library.