2023 Approaches

By on Dec 7, 2022 in News

It’s December 1, and most people are still catching up to the fact that the holidays are here. So how can you motivate yourself and your office team with end-of-the-year goals? The good thing about setting goals at the end of the year is that you form a new habit before the new year begins. Here are some tips for establishing effective goals for the year ahead.

Approach for the end of the year goals

Setting end-of-the-year goals can be a bit tricky since the holidays will affect when employees are available and many take time off. Start by setting SMART goals and make them a priority every day. SMART stands for: specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely.

Goal setting in the workplace can range from performance achievements to professional development ambitions. All well-crafted goals are aligned with larger key business strategies.

For example, if you want to work on professional development, have employees complete some training courses that are provided on Yardi Aspire or LinkedIn learning before a performance review comes around at the end of the year. If your company offers any upcoming webinars, have employees attend if they are available then share findings with the team during weekly meetings.

Create a game plan with SMART goals and write them down. A goal without a plan is just a wish. In a world of computers, sometimes actually writing out the goal will be more motivating and achievable. If you think of a goal like a spell, writing comes with spelling so when writing them out you are already casting that spell out there. Make goals a priority. Give them your focus, energy, and attention daily.

Create a specific game plan that drives the outcomes on ROI. Emphasize attainable goals and set consistent goals for employees with similar responsibilities. Refrain from promoting internal rivalries which can lead to resentment and devalued morale. Focus on the mindset plan to overcome loathing and step outside the status quo. Positive goals only!

Lastly, you want to take action for the end-of-the-year goals. Setting goals and committing to the last few weeks of the year can help you to finish strong. Be sure to work closely with employees who fall short. Employees with clearly outlined goals are also in a prime position to push themselves, meet new challenges, and feel aligned with big-picture initiatives.

Working with your employees to set goals helps strengthen a culture of ongoing feedback and open communication. Remember to reward those who achieve their goals. Recognition in the workplace honors an employee’s efforts and demonstrates that the company values this type of commitment and hard work. Quite quitting is catching on very quickly in today’s younger generations so make sure everyone feels valued.

We hope this gives you some inspiration so you can finish the year strong and have the motivation to continue rapport for 2023!