Quick Social Tips

By on Sep 23, 2015 in Marketing

The basics of native marketing for social media have helped you get startedshutterstock_223097911. It’s the nuances of daily content development that will firmly establish your roots and nourish respect among your fan base. We’ve got four content tips that can grow your social media from a seedling into a sprawling success!

Blend In But Don’t Fade Fresh, frequent content is a great first step. Now focus on creating content that impacts viewers in milliseconds. When scrolling through their feed, does your content stand out?

On one hand, it shouldn’t stand out. The style of your image should blend with the style of the images around it. A stock photo may work for LinkedIn but it’ll be shunned on Snapchat. An immaculate image for Pinterest may garner less interest from artsy, down-to-earth Instagram users. Your images should blend into the community.

On the other hand, you don’t want your content to fade into the background. How do you know when you’ve struck the balance? When you’ve created an image that you and people that you know would want to retweet, share, or repin: images that are bright and bold, that reflect the energy of a crowd or movement, that use interesting angles or lighting, or those that simply make you stop and smile. Those are all features that catch your attention, right? Deliver that to your fans.

Establish Quick Brand Identity Users should not have to read much or focus too hard to identify your brand. If they have to find your little profile icon on the left of a post, you’ve made them work too hard. Establish quick brand identity by adding your logo as a watermark or having your logo or community name visible within the background of the image. If your community has an icon, such as a unique piece of art at the entryway or a common color scheme, those details can build your brand identity as well.

Don’t Take “Conversation” Too Literally While we’re told to think of social media as a place to engage in conversation with our consumers, that doesn’t mean that individual posts should be lengthy. Limit posts to one or two sentences. End with whatever hashtag or link may be relevant. Anything longer may find a better home on your blog.

“So where does my call to action go?” you may ask. It goes within the two sentences or not at all. Not every post needs a call to action. Human interaction has value, as it develops brand loyalty and fosters return customers. Sometimes, a good post shows fans that you’re interested in who they are, what they like, and what’s going on in their world. You’re a part of their life. That holds value.

Think Micro Social media is all about small nuggets of timely content. If your post can be submitted on any day in any season to anyone from any location, it’s not classic or timeless. It’s likely aimless and irrelevant. Find a pulse for what’s happening in the industry and in popular culture right now and explore how your brand fits in.

For multifamily, this should be a breeze. Home is where events happen, memories are made, and daily humor is developed—the hashtag-ability is endless! Cash in on these moments and use them for your posts (amidst your promos for move-in specials and community events, of course).

If you don’t have a dedicated staff member to keep his or her ear to the ground and pounce on opportunities, you can always ride the wave of those who do. Check out what’s trending on Google and Twitter for your demographic and desired region, and then jump in on the conversation.