A Beautiful Mind

By on Apr 5, 2022 in Events, Marketing

Are you a right-brained creative or a left-brained pragmatic? And when it comes to property marketing, which is better? That is the subject up for discussion at the Apartment Innovation and Marketing Conference (AIM) this year.

For years, there has been a belief that people favor one side of the brain or the other. The theory goes that people with right-brain dominance tend to be imaginative while those with left-brain dominance are inclined to be logical.

Recent research shows that the brain is not nearly as dichotomous as previously thought. In fact, many talents are strongest when both halves of the brain collaborate.

“The pop psychology notion of a left brain and a right brain doesn’t capture their intimate working relationship,” science writer Carl Zimmer explained in an article for Discover magazine.

That said, the popularity of the theory still holds out. People love to find out which is the dominant side of their brain. So why not take a quiz? Then get marketing tips geared toward each talent and learn how to marry the two for property marketing success at AIM 2022.

Find out whether you’re a right-brained marketer or left-brained marketer at AIM 2022

Right-brained or left-brained?

Take the quiz.

Tips for right-brained marketers

Right-brained marketers are intuitive and expressive with a strong interest in storytelling and visuals.

  • Use your creativity to build a strong brand on social media. Focus on creating a compelling visual library that tells the story of your community.
  • Stay up to speed on design trends in different industries — including fashion, interior and tech — then challenge the larger marketing team to incorporate them into initiatives collateral and website updates.

Tips for left-brained marketers

Left-brained marketers are planned and orderly with a strong interest in results and analytics.

  • Take charge of your company’s paid search campaigns. Compile performance data or use marketing analytics software to track and optimize ads for visible, near-term results.
  • Keep an eye on these five property marketing metrics and you’ll be better able to drive revenue, reduce wasted advertising spend and plan for the future.

Don’t miss “Right Brain & Left Brain: A Beautiful (Marketing) Mind”

Join us at AIM to hear from marketers on both sides during our featured presentation on Monday, 4/25.

How do you determine a high marketing intelligence quotient? Is analytical genius more important or does creative insight play the critical role? Winning campaigns show it’s usually a combination of the two.

Sarah Wieman of PRG Real Estate and Melissa Cartagena of Greystar will take the stage to discuss creative insight vs. analytical genius. Learn how to balance the art and science of marketing to create a property marketing strategy that gets results.

“A beautiful marketing mind takes both!” says Esther Bonardi, presentation host and vice president of REACH by RentCafe. “It’s smart to identify which way you have a tendency to work and then surround yourself with other team members that can fill in the gaps.”

Meet REACH at AIM 2022

Join the fun at AIM to unlock the magic combination with your fellow marketers. Experts from the REACH digital marketing agency will be on hand to offer free consultations (and revitalizing snacks).

You are also invited to join our table during the networking breakfast each day. Connect with marketing leaders and satisfy your appetite for new ideas at AIM 2022.

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