Blogging 101: Pt 5

By on May 9, 2018 in Marketing

On our previous post, there were a few loose ends to tie before hitting publish on your blog post. Once those important details are complete, you are ready to share your content with the world via social media!

Why Use Social Media to Share Content?

Without social media marketing and SEM services, the only way a person will find your content is by going directly to your website. Before you worked in the industry, how often did you visit an apartment’s blog? Precisely.

By sharing the posts on social media, your content reaches more readers. Your social media followers will see the post appear on their news feeds. Social sharing draws attention to the blog post.

Their engagement—likes, comments, and shares—will broaden the posts’ reach to their friends. Your efforts will be magnified even more when the platform’s algorithm robots pick up on users’ engagement. The platform may choose to share your content with an even broader audience.

With more attention on your blog, you’re bringing more attention to your property! Social media marketing is easy, free marketing.

Pick 2-3 Social Media Platforms

Where should you share content? Select a few social media platforms that suit your brand.

The prominent demographic of your community will determine which platforms are best for you. For example, Facebook is common for most organizations due to its broad user base–1 billion active users– and customizable features.

Additionally, properties with young professionals may benefit from an Instagram account, whose 600 million users are mostly young adults ages 18-29. If you have a student property with an even younger demographic, 18-24 years of age, Snapchat may also be a beneficial platform to explore.

Once you’ve honed-in on your platforms, learn the native marketing language for each. This allows you to relate with your followers in a way that makes sense for the platform.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Choose a social media scheduling tool that allows you to create, schedule, and automatically share post through a single program. You can share posts automatically through Yardi RENTCafé’s convenient, built-in tool. You may also choose these independent platforms.

Buffer is one of the most popular sharing tools on the market. Features allow you to share content across multiple profiles while also tailoring captions to fit the native language of each. The free account offers sharing across three platforms, 30 scheduled posts, and one user. Upgraded plans offer more flexibility.

Hootsuite shares many similarities with Buffer. The free offerings are similar. The pricing for paid plans cost slightly more and have slightly better benefits at each tier.

MeetEdgar is slowly forging a reputation. It’s like other sharing tools with one key feature: it re-shares your evergreen content. Evergreen content are stays relevant over time. Interest in your 2018 Easter egg hunt will expire. Your post on 10 reasons to love living in Atlanta may remain relevant to readers for years. MeetEdgar picks up on those popular, evergreen posts and occasionally reshares them for you to keep the momentum going.

Social Sprout offers the standard sharing tools with more robust features for reputation management and live engagement. Users can streamline real-time communication, making teamwork on accounts significantly easier!

What is your favorite social media sharing tool and why?