Exceptional Resident Experiences

By on Sep 23, 2021 in Global

Get Living creates exceptional communities and neighbourhoods across the United Kingdom. Places where people can live their best lives, homes they feel they belong in, and communities they can connect in with people. The team at Get Living understand the important role technology plays in connecting residents to their communities and that delivering exceptional resident experience goes hand in hand with adopting efficient technology.

We caught up with Chris Armstrong, Chief Experience Officer and Steven Osei Head of Brand Experience of Get Living to ask them how they use Yardi’s technology to improve resident experiences and business processes.

“We’ve been working with the team at Yardi since 2016/2017, using a wide variety of the solutions they provide, across the entirety of our estate. We invested heavily into Yardi’s solutions to help us grow as a business and to really deliver consistency of experience,” commented Chris Armstrong.

Osei expressed that since utilising Yardi’s technology, the team at Get Living have been able to reduce the steps in the applicant journey by 300%. He also explained the importance of adopting technology to achieve Get Living’s growth goals, “As a growing and scaling business with the aspirations of having 12 to 15,000 homes it’s imperative that we have the tools in place that enable us to display real time availability of homes that we have available”.

Armstrong also commented that over 4,500 of their residents are registered on the RentCafe Resident App which has given their residents the platform to interact with them on a 24/7 basis, “It’s always there for them, it’s always on.”

Armstrong explained that they monitor resident satisfaction by surveying residents using the resident app; freeing up their teams to focus on hands-on customer service. “The best technology is the technology that you don’t know is there, it fades into the background. That’s why we work really hard with Yardi as a partner to make that technology seamless and easy for our teams and our customers to use.”

As well as explaining how Yardi’s technology currently benefits their staff and residents, Armstrong also detailed future adoption plans which will see improvements in procurement process and allow for more flexible leasing with Yardi’s technology.

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