Sustainability Stewards

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Keep Truckee Meadows Beautiful (KTMB) is a nonprofit organization supported by Yardi in Reno, Nevada, founded in 1989. KTMB is dedicated to creating a more sustainable and beautiful region through waste reduction, education and active community involvement. KTMB has several annual community clean-up events that oversee 700 volunteers each. In addition, they also provide sustainability education for businesses and groups.

“We also have a Youth Education Department that goes into classrooms in Washoe County to teach kids about Waste, Weeds and our Watershed,” said Chris Ewing, communications director of KTMB.

KTMB volunteer cleanups

Each year, KTMB calls on the community to come together for various cleanups. Its goal is to make local parks and other community-use spaces worth visiting again and to bring community pride. KTMB exceeded expectations year after year with its volunteer cleanup signups: Adopt-A-Spot and Neighborhood Cleanups, Great Community Cleanup 2023, and Truckee River Cleanup 2023. Learn more about the cleanups and how to get involved.

Adopt-A-Spot and Neighborhood Cleanup

  • 167 cleanups
  • 4,352 volunteers
  • 11,220 volunteer hours
  • 133,037 lbs. trash
  • 66,518 lbs. of green waste

“Because of this, KTMB is looking to expand our beautification and cleanup efforts by growing this program through additional funding and assistance from our municipalities and focusing on projects that have been delayed or neglected due to manpower and resources,” Ewing said.

Funding from Yardi goes toward making sure program projects are funded for supplies, tools, dumpsters, volunteer equipment and educational supplies. Funds also ensure both internal and external are maintained and up to date.

“We are so grateful for the support we receive from Yardi to help KTMB continue being stewards of creating a clean and sustainable community,” Ewing expressed.

Waste, Watershed, and Weed Warriors

Keep Truckee Meadows Beautiful is more than an organizer of beautification and cleanup projects. KTMB has a youth educational department that spends time in the classrooms of schools, teaching children the importance of what they do and how the kids can be a part of the solution through its Waste, Watershed and Weed Warriors programs. Each lesson is differentiated by grade level and focuses on one of the “Environmental R’s”—reducing, reusing and recycling.

KTMB’s sustainability department offers many resources for recycling. Its Recycling Online Guide is a comprehensive list of what can and cannot be recycled in Washoe County. It is maintained and updated quarterly or when a significant change in the local recycling stream happens.

Volunteer Opportunities

Yardi employees are encouraged to volunteer and participate in any KTMB cleanups. KTMB will also facilitate a unique clean-up if there is a public space the Yardi crew is fond of. To arrange a clean-up, contact Adopt-A-Spot and Community Cleanups coordinator Matt Weber at [email protected].

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