Stupid Strong

By on May 16, 2024 in Giving

Stupid Strong is a Yardi-supported nonprofit organization founded in 2014 in Colleyville, TX, dedicated to raising awareness about gastric cancer, advancing research funding, and providing education and support to families in need. Stupid Strong raises awareness and critical research funds for early detection through its fall gala and golf outing, which it hosts annually.

Stupid Strong

“Since 2014, we have granted over $1.6 million to reputable research medical institutions. This funding allows researchers to expand their efforts in early detection and the search for a cure,” said Ashley Elmore, vice president of Stupid Strong.

Stupid Strong partners with groundbreaking researchers and leading organizers in the search for a cure for gastric cancer. It is also a founding partner for Test Your Bio Markers, which collects information unique to an individual’s cancer.

“We were very surprised and honored to have received the money gift from Yardi’s Non-Profit Giving Campaign in 2022. Jeanine Bowens nominated Stupid Strong in honor of her mother, Renetta Bowens-Garrison, who sadly passed away from stomach cancer,” expressed Elmore.

Jeanine and Mom

Jeanine Bowens, a team lead for Yardi’s REACH by RentCafé from our Dallas office, shares her quick words of wisdom and compassion towards Stupid Strong:

“Stupid Strong is passionately committed to increasing awareness of gastric cancer, fostering research funding, and offering education and assistance to families facing this challenging journey. This mission resonates deeply with me, as I lost my mother to stomach cancer in June 2015. Tragically, my maternal grandmother also succumbed to this illness 30 years prior, significantly impacting our family. Initiatives like those undertaken by Stupid Strong provide a beacon of hope for all those affected, with their unwavering dedication to eradicating stomach cancer through concerted efforts and tireless work.”

Volunteer Opportunities

Stupid Strong would love to have volunteers for its two events, the Fall Gala and the Golf Outing, which it hosts annually. Please reach out to [email protected] for more information.

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