NY Marine Rescue Center

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New York Marine Rescue marine mammals and sea turtle

Let’s splash over to the East Coast and introduce the New York Marine Rescue Center (NYMRC), founded in 1996 in Riverhead, NY. This nonprofit is dedicated to preserving and conserving marine mammals and sea turtles. NYMRC provides in-field rescue and rehabilitation for marine mammals and sea turtles throughout New York. In fact, it is the only permitted organization to rescue and rehabilitate marine mammals and sea turtles in the state of New York.

With its focus on continuing to help these critical animals and provide them with a second chance at life, NYMRC plans to carry out research projects that examine the post-release movement pattern of rehabilitated animals and further understand their utilization of New York waters.

Yardi funding helps with the overall costs associated with operating this organization, which ultimately helps preserve these charismatic and important species.

“We are so thankful for Yardi’s continued support,” said Maxine Montello, executive director of NYMRC.

Since NYMRC’s inception, it has rescued 5,929 animals, including 2,344 sea turtles, 2,650 seals, and 935 small whales and dolphins.

Yardi Long Island Volunteers

Last year, #TeamYardi members from the Long Island, NY office had 27 volunteers who visited Robert Moses Beach for a beach clean-up day. One group gathered over 21 pounds of debris. The employees enjoyed a day at the beach and made an incredible impact on the marine environment.

TeamYardi volunteers for New York Marine Rescue Center

In addition to two beach clean-up days, eight volunteers represented Yardi at the New York Marine Rescue Center’s Ocean of Hope event. Yardi contributed a charitable donation, and the volunteers enjoyed silent auctions, music and food.

Volunteer Opportunities

All Yardi employees can join NYMRC in the field with beach clean-ups, fairs, and other educational programming. Please contact Maxine Montello at [email protected] to learn more about how to help and join NYMRC.

“The team is only comprised of eight female employees. Without the support of volunteers and interns, NYRMC would not be able to do the work we do,” shared Montello.

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