Life Education for All

By on Apr 18, 2024 in Giving, Global

Yardi-supported nonprofit Life Education for All was founded in 2014 in Cluj Napoca, Romania. Life Education for All aims to carry out non-formal education activities for disadvantaged children and young people and renovate and equip schools across the country.  

Children of Life Education Cluj

“In the last ten years, we have carried out many projects that have positively impacted over 60 schools in Romania and over 10,000 children,” said Mindrut Oana, president of Life Education for All.

Life Education for All plans to renovate at least one school this year and equip ten schools with equipment, furniture and supplies and replace existing infrastructure (lighting and faucets) with equipment that reduces energy consumption.

“We will also continue our projects for literacy development, career counseling and entrepreneurial skill development for high school students,” Oana explained.

Yardi funding has helped Life Education for All renovate a kindergarten, equip 12 schools in Romania with outdoor learning furniture, and purchase supplies for two other schools in Cluj.

Life Education for All Romania

Volunteer Opportunities

Life Education for All has plenty of volunteer opportunities, including helping with painting schools, arranging and equipping libraries or reading spaces, arranging outdoor learning spaces, setting up ITC laboratories, and more.

Find out how to get involved, and Life Education for All will find a volunteer project that suits you best.

“Investing in quality education is the best investment we can make for our future as a society,” shared Oana.

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