Dignity Matters

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Dignity Matters, founded in 2016 in Framingham, MA, provides a reliable supply of free menstrual care and undergarments to homeless and impoverished females.

Menstrual care is expensive, rarely donated and can’t be purchased with SNAP/Food Stamps, WIC, or any other federal benefit programs – so tens of thousands of women in Massachusetts are going without these essential items. Dignity Matters supports 15,000 women and girls monthly through a network of shelters, food pantries, public schools, community colleges and medical clinics.

“Being able to manage their period safely each month makes it possible for them to attend school consistently, work to support their families, and live with dignity and confidence,” said Meryl Glassman, development director for Dignity Matters.

Dignity Matters supports 15,000 women monthly, using a wholesale contract to buy menstrual care in bulk. Unfortunately, these costs have increased with inflation, but Dignity Matters hopes to grow to 1,000 more women this year.

Funding from Yardi helps Dignity Matters plan for the year ahead and ensures they can consistently be there for every woman who counts on them. Every three dollars helps a woman manage her period with dignity. Yardi has made it possible for 14,000 women to manage their periods with dignity over the last five years!

“Your consistent support helps us ensure we can be there for these women and girls every month,” expressed Glassman. She continued, “We appreciate the trust you put in us to use the funds where they will make the biggest difference, and we are incredibly grateful for your partnership!”

Families in Need

Female client of Dignity Matters

Many of the women who support Dignity Matters care for young children, and they put the needs of the children first, so there is often no money left to purchase menstrual care for themselves. Every month, Dignity Matters hears of women who are so grateful they do not have to choose between buying food and clothes for their children and buying menstrual care.

This is not just for moms and daughters. The entire household benefits when menstrual care is accessible and when it can be discussed openly. One parent sent Dignity Matters a note to let them know how much the support means to them: “I am a single dad with teenage daughters. The most important thing we get is those pads. Thank you so much!”

Volunteer Opportunities

Dignity Matters started as a volunteer organization and still relies on hundreds of active volunteers to continue its efforts. They have opportunities to volunteer in the warehouse, help deliver products, and create menstrual care kits. They always look for runners for charity teams at the Falmouth Road Race and Boston 10K for Women.

Anyone, anywhere, can help by making a donation on its website or sending products directly to the warehouse through its Amazon Wishlist

“You and Yardi have made it possible for thousands of women to learn, work, and live with dignity,” said Glassman. She continued, “Your support is helping us put this issue front and center where it belongs – the more people become aware of period poverty, the more resources we’ll have to fight it. THANK YOU!”

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