Daily Bread Food Bank

By on Feb 2, 2024 in Giving

Daily Bread Food Bank, a nonprofit suported by Yardi Canada, was founded in 1983 in Etobicoke, Ontario. Unlike other food banks, Daily Bread is a member organization and delivers food to 207 meal programs at 132 agencies across Toronto, Etobicoke and Scarborough.

One in ten people in Toronto rely on food banks, twice as much as in 2022. Daily Bread distributed nearly 28 million pounds of food in 2022-2023, a 50% increase from the previous year. Clients have doubled over the years since the pandemic, and in December 2023, Daily Bread had over 284,000 clients, surpassing previous records.

“Before COVID, we spent $1.5 million yearly on purchased food.  Now, we are spending that each month. This past year, we spent $22 million on food, 14 times more than pre-COVID,” said Carol Eby, senior manager for corporate partnerships.

Daily Bread hopes the Canada Disability Benefit Law will be approved in the federal government’s March budget. Since many of Daily Bread’s clients rely on the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP), this will help them out of deep poverty and be less reliant on food banks over time. Daily Bread ensures they have enough food to provide for those in need.

“Our food budget is presently $22 million, and we anticipate this will increase this year to $29 million based on economic factors remaining status quo and the impact these have on an increase in food bank clients,” Eby shares.

Funding from Yardi helps Daily Bread purchase food needed to manage the consistent increase in food bank clients it is experiencing. It also helps with research and advocacy efforts to provide foundational research from clients as to why they need to use a food bank. For food bank clients to decrease, Daily Bread strives for systemic change.

“This important research is used to inform and educate the various levels of government on policies that need to be created to manage the various economic issues that are impacting the citizens of Toronto,” explained Eby.

As poverty rates soar and the hunger crisis worsens in Toronto, Daily Bread recognizes donors like Yardi Canada, “We are so appreciative of the very generous support from Yardi Canada. We do not receive any government funding; we rely solely on corporate donations and individual giving,” expressed Eby.

Elena’s Story

Many clients of Daily Bread have had compounding medical issues, leaving them unable to work.

Elena, a Daily Bread Food Bank client, was in this challenging situation. Health complications forced her to shut down her sales agency, and today, Elena survives on the limited income she receives from the ODSP and support from her local food bank. She is thankful for the food bank’s having fruits, vegetables, and proteins like meats and lentils so she can keep a balanced diet to help aid her health issues.

“I see more and more people using the food bank every time I go,” says Elena. “The volunteers and staff are working hard to keep up. I know it is tiring, but I want to remind everyone what a difference they are making in people’s lives, people who are struggling to have food in their cupboards.”

At Daily Bread, they are committed to supporting Elena and thousands just like her today who are facing extreme challenges to meet their essential needs.

Volunteer Opportunities

The Daily Bread Food Bank offers shifts on Thursday and Friday mornings from 8:30 am to 11:30 am and afternoons from 12:30 pm to 3:30 pm. A maximum of 20 Yardi team members can join them for the morning or afternoon food sorting. Please get in touch with Carol Eby at [email protected] to organize volunteer shifts.

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