Backyard Players

By on May 29, 2024 in Giving

This Yardi-supported nonprofit organization’s mission is to make the world a more inclusive place.

Backyard Players & Friends arts and crafts

Backyard Players & Friends (BYP), founded in 2015 in Rockville Centre, NY, is an inclusive arts-based community program for teens and young adults of all abilities. BYP has opened its own ‘backyard’ space in the heart of Rockville Centre. It also has two additional storefronts: Love, Nana, a community service project and Front Porch Market, which features merchandise and artwork from neurodiverse entrepreneurs.

BYP seeks to expand its arts-based classes and community outreach initiatives. In addition, it plans to enhance the training program for participants who wish to work at The Front Porch Market and increase its online presence to create more opportunities for its participants.

Funding from Yardi allows BYP to increase its capacity to offer more classes to participants. In 2023, BYP launched two new cooking classes—BYP Test Kitchen and Healthy Eats 101—in its kitchen classroom. Both were possible with Yardi’s support. In the future, BYP hopes to enhance and expand all programs to provide recreational, community-based opportunities to its participants.

“Yardi has been an incredibly generous and active supporter of Backyard Players & Friends,” said Cristine Daly, director and co-founder of BYP.

She continued, “We held a game night with Yardi staff and BYP participants and attended a movie sponsored by Yardi. Additionally, volunteers from Yardi have attended our Dance-A-Thon Fundraiser. We are grateful for their consistent engagement and support.”

Crafting Inclusivity

Each year, BYP continues to build its mission of making the world a more inclusive place. In late 2022, BYP launched crafting classes to create a place where participants learn crafting, retail and economic skills related to budgeting, marketing and commerce.

Backyard Players & Friends Front Porch Market

In 2023, they launched The Front Porch Market, a retail store that celebrates crafters, neurodiverse entrepreneurs and local artists, which helps fund the programs of Backyard Players and Friends.

Volunteer Opportunities

Backyard Players and Friends holds events throughout the year that rely on volunteers. These events include a Spring Dance-a-Thon, a Fall Oktoberfest, Summer movie nights and more. If you are interested in volunteering with BYP, please get in touch with the education and outreach coordinator, Sarah Golden, at [email protected].

“BYP & Friends, Love Nana and The Front Porch Market are always looking for caring, motivated and inspirational volunteers to spend time and support our participants as they learn life skills, socialize with friends and enjoy being part of the ‘Backyard’ Community,” expressed Daly.

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