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Austin Pets Alive client

Attention all adopters, fosters and volunteers!

Austin Pets Alive! (APA!) is a Yardi-supported nonprofit animal shelter and rescue organization that pioneers comprehensive, innovative programs designed to save the most at-risk homeless companion animals and educate others to do the same through its American Pets Alive! nationwide education and outreach division.

Austin, a city that has proudly held the title of America’s largest No-Kill city for the past nine years, owes much of its success to Austin Pets Alive! This nonprofit organization has been instrumental in helping over 12,000 dogs and cats annually in Central Texas and beyond, providing them with a chance at the life they truly deserve. This year, APA! is redoubling its efforts to save even more pet lives, both within its facilities and by offering hands-on assistance to local shelters. The funding from Yardi enables APA! to continue their life-saving work on a daily basis.

“We could not be more grateful for Yardi’s support. We understand that Yardi is committed to the communities they serve, and it’s a privilege to be selected as a recipient of this gift,” said Nigel Fuentes, director of philanthropy and partnerships for APA!.

Senior Love

Velcro, originally named Beluga, arrived at Austin Pets Alive! in 2022 and spent over 700 days at the Texas rescue. The ten-year-old dog has special needs (deaf and partially blind with neurological and mobility issues), which made it harder to find a suitable adopter until Velcro met Jeanette, a 74-year-old woman who committed herself to spoiling Velcro since bringing the senior dog home.

Over time, Jeanette felt the dog was meant for her, and his special needs only made her want him more. After a few days with Jeanette, Velcro became more personable yet still acted like a sedate old gentleman but also perky! He began to trot around in the backyard, which was a trait that APA! had never seen from the dog during his two-year stay. “He just bloomed,” said Jeanette.

Jeanette has committed to spoiling her new companion with large dog beds scattered throughout his new home, so there is always an excellent place to sunbathe. She showers him with pats, praise, and his favorite, Pup-Peroni treats. They also go on leisurely strolls together. Jeanette hopes her adoption story with Velcro inspires others, especially senior citizens, to consider senior pets.

“I hate to see these older dogs passed over. Velcro is just so happy to be out of that shelter. It’s nice for seniors to have a senior dog because you don’t have to try and keep up with them, and it’s companionship,” expressed Jeanette.

Volunteer Opportunities

APA! offers several volunteer opportunities at its organization, including various programs, thrift stores and events. For more information, please visit its volunteer page to learn more and sign up.

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