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Create a coworking spot in your community

By on Dec 14, 2019 in Uncategorized

With the rise of freelancing and digital nomadism, coworking spaces are among the most sought-after amenities today. Although many locations are specifically designed to be shared office spaces, coworking spots are becoming ever more present in multifamily buildings and communities. In fact, many buildings with apartments for rent in Sacramento, Brooklyn, Houston, or Austin now offer shared workspaces where residents can not only work, but also maintain a healthy work-life balance and practically eliminate their commute.

As more amenities for remote workers are integrated into residential construction, shared workspaces are replacing the club rooms and lounge areas of years past. The good news is that designing such a place inside of a living community is more versatile than designing an actual office space because you have more freedom for creativity. Granted, certain amenities should be present for the general needs of remote workers; and, some amenities will cater to the specific needs of different professions.

General amenities

For every working space, provide high-speed internet, comfortable chairs, and well-positioned tables and desks. Moreover, because connectivity is essential for remote workers, invest in an internet package from a trusted provider. But, be careful about the positioning and capacity of outlets to prevent any uncomfortable or even dangerous incidents.

As for the working space itself, create a layout that’s flexible and that people can adapt for both group work and solo sessions. Furthermore, attend to the well-being of those who will use this facility; most young renters—who happen to be the majority of the digital nomads—place great emphasis on wellness amenities. As such, ergonomic chairs and warm-light systems are a must.

Moreover, go the extra mile by providing services, as well. Tea, coffee, and water are essential, and you can also add printers and scanners for that little extra that makes a difference. Or, invest in a resource library—an unexpected, yet appreciated feature. Finally, hire a cleaning service to keep the area neat and fresh.

Industry-tailored amenities

To stand out and gain a competitive advantage, many coworking spaces have specialized in a certain niche to cater to the specific needs of certain groups. However, for coworking spaces within multifamily buildings, this might not be the best idea—both because of the space and the variety of professions amongst your residents.

Nonetheless, you can still incorporate certain amenities that will benefit creative professionals without taking up too much space or costing too much to maintain—such as quiet zones for writers or a sound-proof studio for those working in the music and film industries.

The easiest way to offer something special to diverse industry professionals is to organize events, workshops, or seminars on specific topics. This way, you’ll set yourself apart and offer something valuable to residents, while also increasing your revenue.