Yardi Voyager 7S

By on Oct 9, 2013 in Technology

The industry leader in property management software has released a nevoyager7S_screen_shot_hrw version of its flagship product that is browser and device agnostic, generating great excitement from clients and prospects industry-wide. Yardi Voyager 7S is here.

There are multiple reasons clients are thrilled about the latest version of Voyager. Leasing professionals, property managers and executives can now use their property management software without access to Windows or even a PC.

“You can run Voyager 7S on your iPad, you can run it on your Android tablet, you can run it on a MacBook, you can use Safari, and you can use Google Chrome. We’ve opened up the floodgates for all of our clients to be able to use any browser or OS they want,” said Ami Kearns, Product Manager, Voyager 7S.

In addition to the exciting new cross-browser and mobile capability, the upgrade process to Voyager 7S is fast, seamless and easy.

“Our clients have been shocked at how quickly the upgrade to Voyager 7S can be accomplished,” said Becky Sanvictores, Vice President, Client Services.  “End user training is recommended on the enhanced and modern UI, but the methodology for using Voyager 7S is still the same.” Enhancing the experience are newly designed and highly intuitive transaction screens.

Product highlights for the new release, which is now available, include:

  • Mobility. With the device and browser agnostic Voyager 7S, any user will be able to access the software from anywhere. A regional executive could review month-end reports on an iPad at the airport. A leasing agent could summarize current rental pricing and availability for a prospect on an Android tablet at a coffee shop. The possibilities are endless.
  • Streamlined upgrade process. Requiring a simple schema update and end-user training, clients can be live within a week or two. In addition to training sessions with their Yardi Client Services representative, clients will have access to weekly webinars, recorded trainings and comprehensive documentation on Voyager 7S on Yardi Client Central.
  • Modern UI with smart data entry; favorites and history; hot key shortcuts. The familiar browser functionalities that make your preferred web browser easy to use are now incorporated into Yardi Voyager 7S. Auto-complete, global and predictive search and stored favorites will make data entry and other repetitive processes faster and easier than ever before, saving time and making your staff more efficient.
  • Refined, smarter security. User database access will continue to be tightly controlled based on designated property permissions for each individual user.
  • Enhanced work flow capabilities. For any transaction carried out within Voyager, you can now create a workflow process to be used each time that same task may be repeated. Work flows are a great way to manage approval chains and train new employees.
  • Offered as Software as a Service with three options, SaaS, SaaS Select and Private Cloud: Yardi’s Software as a Service hosting gives clients lower IT costs, improved risk management, guaranteed compliance and exceptional security.  The three SaaS options provide flexibility for clients who have differing needs for their environments; SaaS for clients who don’t want to manage version upgrades, SaaS Select for clients who prefer to manage upgrades, and Private Cloud for clients who wish to have a their own dedicated network and environment.

For three decades, Yardi has established itself as the leading provider of real estate technology solutions. Voyager 7S will be deployed by companies around the globe to manage assets across every real estate vertical. It’s an exciting step forward for the product as Yardi honors its client commitment to design, develop and support first class real estate software and services.

To learn more about Voyager 7S, watch the video below, contact your Yardi representative, or visit http://www.yardi.com/