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By on Mar 4, 2024 in Technology

The latest gate opener technology is essential for property owners or managers who want to control gate access at properties. A modern solution working at many properties is WiFi and Bluetooth gate controls, especially those with many daily users. Let’s review some of the best WiFi gate controllers to buy.

Gate at a residential property

WiFi gate controllers connect to the property’s WiFi and open and close the gate once users present or enter the required credentials. Often, users can connect using their smart devices, key fobs and code access. In addition, property owners or management can monitor entry to the gate because of the WiFi connectivity. Use Bluetooth to access gate controllers when WiFi is down or unavailable.

Ghost Controls. Ghost Controls serves the USA and Canada. Ghost Controls offers a bundle package with WiFi and Bluetooth. It features mobile device controls that monitor gate status. It can be used on multiple gates and can run on solar power. Ghost Controls are low-voltage and solar optimized for environments without access to AC power. Reviews boast of its customer service and online and telephone support. It also includes limited lifetime warranties. Ghost controls are also an excellent choice for mixed-use and commercial properties.

USAutomatic. USAutomatic is weather-resistant and allows users to securely open, close and monitor the gate from anywhere in the world. It also features WiFi and Bluetooth and includes LED indicator lights for power, WiFi connectivity, and activity. USAutomatic does not include subscription fees. It also will send notifications if the gate stays open longer than the programmed allotted time. USAutomatic works with Alexa, Google Assistant, Samsung SmartThings and Siri.

iSmartgate. iSmartgate PRO includes a WiFi controller and a wireless magnetic sensor. It includes key features such as video, user management, an audio player, three gates control and wireless and wired sensor compatibility.  It operates through various control systems, including IOS/Android smartphones, Google Home and Samsung SmartThings.

Remootio. Remootio is designed and manufactured in the European Union and is available for free express shipping worldwide. Remootio offers a WiFi gate opener with more than three sensors and a power adaptor multipack. It features a built-in WiFi bridge that connects to WiFi over a significant distance and offers a camera add-on to watch the live stream. Easy key sharing for visitors thanks to its customizable mobile app, which also works on Apple watches. Notifications will be shared when someone operates the gate, rings the doorbell or when the gate has been left open.

For office buildings: DoorBird D21DKH is a wireless gate intercom system that offers two doors or gates and is suitable for gated properties looking to reduce installation costs. It features visitor entry, showcases images and videos of gate entries, and a 180-degree ultra-wide camera with night vision. It can set action schedules to restrict access to certain times of the day or week.