Smarter Sleep

By on Feb 13, 2015 in Technology

One third of our life is spent in bed. Sleep is vital to a healthy aluna-smart-mattress-covernd relaxed life and the technology today comes to bring even more comfort in the bedroom. The latest is the invention of Italians Matteo Franceschetti and Massimo Andreasi Bassi, the Luna mattress cover.

Luna is a smart device that will start shipping in August 2015 after having raised $552,153 of a $100,000 goal on Indiegogo crowdfunding website. In fact, the project sounded so exciting to supporters that the goal amount was gathered within 6 hours. Everybody dreams of a good night sleep.

The mattress cover is made out of 5 layers: top and bottom fabric layers, a sensor layer, a batting layer, and a temperature control layer. It comes in 4 sizes: full – 54in x 75in; queen – 60 in x 80in; king – 76in x 80in; California king – 72in x 84in, and weights only 7lbs. It is made almost entirely out of polyester and can be machine-washed. Its intelligence is provided by a series of sensors: sleep phase sensors, biometrics sensors (temperature, respiratory, and heart rate), ambient temperature and humidity sensor, ambient light sensor, plus a microphone. It has Wi-Fi-enabled integration with other devices in your home. Its low voltage system is powered through a 90W power supply.

Let’s have a look at how it watches over our dreams. Luna is designed to slip over your mattress, as a fitted sheet does. Its sensors collect information and send it to your smartphone where you can view how well you’re sleeping at night; over time, the information forms profiles of your sleeping behavior. An exciting aspect is its dual zone technology that lets you set different temperatures for each side of the bed. Once it learns how hot you like it, it will set your bed to a comfortable temperature right before you go to sleep – yes, it also learns your regular bedtime schedule. Your smartphone and tablet act like a remote control; you can warm up your bed on cold night while you’re on your way home.

Luna has a built-in smart alarm; by tracking your sleep phases it will know to wake you up at the right moment (in the light sleep phase). This means you’ll never have to deal again with those undesirable mornings when you’re awaken in mid-sleep and, for the next thirty minutes or so, you bump into every wall and door that stands in your way.

This dreamy mattress cover was designed with the smart home in mind. It will integrate with smart thermostats, door locks, light bulbs, and more. Currently Luna works with Nest, Emberlight, Lockitron, and Beep.