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By on Jul 25, 2022 in Technology

When making decisions to benefit senior living residents, providers need clinical data that is easy to find, interpret and share. With Yardi Senior IQ, an integrated business intelligence solution, intuitive clinical data is available at the click of a button.

Ready to see how it works? Simply put, clinical data is drawn directly from Yardi EHR and presented via attractive dashboards. Our latest infographic showcases the details — including five ways Senior IQ simplifies your clinical workflow.

Five ways Senior IQ simplifies your clinical workflow

Senior IQ is built to streamline your clinical workflow from start to finish. With this single connected solution, you’re equipped to:

  1. Analyze resident falls: Capture metrics such as falls categorized by time of day and falls resulting in injury — uncovering what is jeopardizing resident safety — then develop action plans to prevent future incidents.
  2. Streamline reporting: Tap into insightful data that is automatically updated from the previous day. Each dashboard’s data points were carefully selected by Yardi’s clinical and compliance team to help you track quality measures and performance metrics.
  3. Track vaccinations: Track exactly how many residents have accepted, received or declined important vaccinations. Use vaccination rates to make critical decisions regarding health and safety protocols.
  4. Monitor antipsychotic usage: Check which residents are receiving antipsychotic medications, then verify that each resident has a proper diagnosis to ensure no antipsychotics are being administered without cause.
  5. Unite clinical and financial data: Access census information, financials and clinical data in one place. Use these comprehensive insights to make informed decisions for your entire business.

We can’t forget to mention the clinical snapshot feature, an all-in-one dashboard that organizes your most needed measures like new orders, recent falls, past due assessments and more.

Improve care, boost productivity and reduce costs

With clinical data readily available, Senior IQ helps you make smarter, faster decisions, all while eliminating risks, errors and expenses. Your data stays accurate — and secure — so you can focus on enhancing life for residents.

Streamline staffing

Curious what else Senior IQ can do? We know the importance of having a multifaceted business intelligence solution. You need functionality that supports every aspect of operating a community, including attracting and retaining staff — one of the industry’s top challenges.

That’s why Senior IQ offers staffing analysis and task reassignment tools, crafted to help you mitigate risk and ensure shift assignments meet resident care requirements.

We’re here to help

If you’re ready to learn more on Senior IQ, book a personalized demonstration here. Our senior living team is happy to show you how impactful data can help you lead with confidence.