Protecting Packages

By on Dec 21, 2023 in Technology

Happy holidays! Tis the season for festive celebrations and heartfelt gift giving. Unfortunately, along with the year-end holidays comes peak season for porch piracy.

porch pirate stealing packages

A porch pirate preys on parcels and steals them from homes. These thieves can strike in any neighborhood at any time and target all sizes of packages. Porch pirates are opportunistic and work quickly. Package theft has been a persistent affliction since online shopping has taken over, and porch pirates show no sign of yielding despite porch theft being a felony in many states.

According to a recent statistic from, 44 million Americans have had a package stolen in the last three months. Porch pirates strike regardless of climate conditions, but some states are plagued by porch pirates more than others. Forbes compiled a list of the worst states with porch piracy packages stolen—New Hampshire ranked first, and Florida ranked last.

Luckily, by incorporating some simple measures, you do not have to fall victim to these thieves this holiday season and beyond. Let’s explore some cutting-edge technologies and practical tips to ensure safe package deliveries this season.

Outsmart porch pirates with clever strategies such as choosing secure delivery options, using delivery lockers and coordinating deliveries with neighbors to minimize the risk of porch theft. In mixed-use buildings, delivery lockers are the best option for residents and tenants. If working in an office building all day, have the necessary packages delivered to the office. There are various smart mailboxes and high-tech security devices for protection from porch pirates and environmental threats. Perhaps you are pretty fond of your mailbox but would like some smart features. Ring WiFi smart mailbox sensor fits inside the mailbox and will automatically send an alert to your phone in real-time whenever the mailbox is open. The sensor can even be paired with the doorbell to start recording the moment the mailbox is breached.

Always keep up-to-date with the tracking of packages with delivery tracking apps that safeguard packages. Apple iOS’s AfterShip app allows tracking of all online orders and shipments. For Android users, try the 17TRACK package tracker. In iOS and Android, the app Route has been rated highly and used by over 50 million people.

With artificial intelligence (AI) gaining a massive footprint in modern society, many AI-powered surveillance cameras are available and offer a high degree of personalization. Built-in voice and facial recognition enable homeowners to open locked doors and turn on alarms. Some facial recognition can let you know who is at the door.

When mailing holiday packages to friends and family, be wise and give your loved ones a heads up with the details of when to expect a package or ask ahead of time if they have any requests for where the package should be delivered. If mailing something expensive like a computer or iPhone, consider paying a little extra to have it insured.

Remember, as technology advances, so do porch pirates, so be sure to make smart decisions to ensure safe package deliveries this season and in the future.