Making Life Easier

By on Aug 6, 2018 in Technology

It’s 6:30pm. Your senior resident’s daughter has made it through traffic just in time to pick up her son from band practice. Now she’s got to rush to the pharmacy to pick up your resident’s refill and make it to the community in time for her father’s evening application. But before she does that, she has to visit your leasing office to pay the rent and remind the agent about the leak in the bathroom–all before the office closes at 7pm.

While she is driving, exhausted and stressed, she gets a call from her friend. Her friend’s mother is in a comparable senior living community that offers rent payments, maintenance requests, and an ability to communicate with clinicians through an easy-to-use online portal. That portal can be accessed on any mobile device. Your resident’s daughter is suddenly having second thoughts about your property—and rightly so!

Our busy lives benefit from the modern conveniences of digital and mobile services. Senior care is no different. The RENTCafé Senior Living portal helps users achieve greater work-life balance through improved daily efficiencies and conveniences.

For Families

RENTCafé Senior Living offers time savings and ease-of-use for family members. Users can manage payments, make maintenance service requests. and even track progress on maintenance orders. They will know when the issue is resolved and their loved one is living comfortably again without making a dozen calls to your office.

RENTCafé Senior Living connects seamlessly with CRM, EHR and mobile tools. Families can effortlessly request updates from the community regarding prescription refills, review health information and communicate with care providers on their loved one’s progress. With these tools, site visits are for time with loved ones, not resolving issues and running errands.

Through the online portal, family members can even check out community news and event calendars. The family portal makes it easy to see the activities that their loved one has attended. That way, they can rest assured that their loved one receives the social interaction and mental stimulation needed to maintain health.

For Site Staff

Your staff benefits from the ease of the RENTCafé Senior Living portal as well. An integrated system reduces paper clutter and manual data entry. Single entry of data decreases human error and creates an easy-to-follow paper trail, which can lead to more accurate accounting and reporting.

Overall administrative tasks take less time as well. Fewer phone calls and office visits from residents’ loved ones allows staff to focus on resident care. The quality time that your staff is now able to spend with residents translates into resident satisfaction and loyalty. While those features are great, it’s even greater how loyalty reduces vacancy rates and costly turnover!

Interested in making life easier for your residents, their loved ones, and staff? To learn more about RENTCafé Senior Living, join a webinar.