Get On the HOTMA Express

By on Mar 1, 2024 in Technology

Changes to HOTMA guidelines are coming fast, particularly as implementation deadlines approach. If you don’t keep up with changing compliance rules, your team could be learning outdated information.

HOTMA stands for the Housing Opportunity Through Modernization Act of 2016. Years in development, the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is now publishing final rules and developing technological standards for submitting compliance data.

Don’t risk implementing HOTMA without knowing current standards. There’s a lot to learn and it all can become overwhelming without a well-informed training professional on your team or a contract with an outside affordable housing consultant.

Plan Your HOTMA Training

Just in time for 2024 implementation deadlines, affordable housing providers have a new opportunity to receive HOTMA training from the DeSilva Housing Group (DHG), a leading consultant serving the industry nationally.

DHG calls this series the HOTMA Express. It’s an appropriate name because the trainings are fast and designed to catch up affordable housing providers with the latest changes to HOTMA implementation guidance.

HOTMA Express sessions begin in March. The first in the series will happen in in Charlotte, NC and the next in Gatlinburg, TN. Registration fees for those two sessions are currently discounted by 50%.

HOTMA Express trainings continue this summer and early fall in cities across the country.

“We designed these courses with flexibility to adapt to HUD as they solidify HOTMA implementation guidelines. My team is diligently keeps up with notices in the Federal Register, and our learners can be assured that the content taught to be up to date with all current policies and procedures,” says Jenny DeSilva, DHG founder and president.

DHG expects the training to be especially beneficial because they are live, in-person sessions. There will be ample opportunity for group discussion, questions and answers, and sharing successes and challenges. Attendees should feel comfortable to raise topics and respond to others as the live training environment will foster personal communication.

How is Yardi Involved?

Yardi® is the exclusive sponsor of DHG’s HOTMA Express trainings. Chris Voss, Yardi vice president of Affordable Housing, explains why.

“Many of our clients have asked about the best ways to access HOTMA training. We do our best to make sure they know Yardi solutions will be ready once everything is set by HUD. But, training on best-practices for implementation new policies and procedures will often require a consultant with professional training experience. DHG is a perfect choice to serve in that role not only for our clients, but the industry as a whole,” says Voss.

Get On Board

While DHG’s HOTMA Express is sponsored by Yardi, it’s open to anyone who would like to register. You can find the training schedule and registration links on the DHG website.

“This is a great opportunity for Yardi to help the affordable housing industry prepare for some of the most significant changes we’ve seen in years from HUD. Our team will be there during the live sessions to not only learn from DHG, but also to hear directly from affordable housing providers, clients and not, about their current challenges and effective strategies for HOTMA implementation,” says Voss.

Yardi clients seeking even more affordable housing and PHA training, including HOTMA and dozens of other topics, can sign up for the Yardi Forum, coming to National Harbor, Maryland May 23 and 24.