Better Air Quality

By on Jan 8, 2015 in Technology

What if your property could promote the health of its residents without increasing maintenance pure genius flooringcosts? You would have an undeniable marketing advantage with potential tenants who suffer from migraines, asthma and other respiratory ailments, as well as those who are simply health conscious. A new line of hardwood floors helps purify the air inside of units without increasing operating costs.

But just how dirty is the air inside of your property? When most of us think of polluted air, we think about congested urban cores stifled under a cloud of smog. Surprisingly, the air inside of a home has 2-5 times more organic pollutants than the air outside. Several items in a typical residence emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs): paints, varnishes, glues, cleaning supplies, carpets, markers, copiers, printers—the sources of airborne toxins are endless. New constructions and recent remodels can be particularly toxic, as many building materials are laden with VOCs that are released over time.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the constant onslaught of VOCs causes and exacerbates health issues such as migraines, asthma, fatigue, and damage to the lungs, liver, and kidneys. Many VOCs are confirmed carcinogens in humans and animals. Minimizing VOCs from the air can notably improve resident health, comfort, and satisfaction.

Lauzon has created Pure Genius flooring, a natural solution for improved indoor air quality. Hard maple and red oak wood is treated with a titanium dioxide agent that is then activated by natural and artificial light. Photocatalytic technology transforms airborne toxins into harmless molecules. The floors continually break down toxins in the air overtime, improving air quality by 85 percent. It’s like planting three trees in each residence.

Lingering odors are a frequently cited turn-off for potential residents. Lauzon’s smart floors minimize odors, making it a wise investment for properties that permit pets and smoking indoors. Owners can avoid losing cash by keeping fresh.

Offices and other public spaces can also benefit from Pure Genius. The high-tech flooring decomposes mold, bacteria, and viruses, making it an ideal material for the leasing office, mail room, club house and lounge. The hardwoods are as easy to clean as any other hardwoods, making maintenance a breeze for residents and staff.

Swedish firm Välige and the Danish firm Photocat AB collaborated on the technology behind Lauzon’s Pure Genius, creating the first smart hardwoods that can demonstrably improve resident health by providing cleaner air. Visit their websites for more innovative residential technology.