AI Advancements

By on May 5, 2023 in Technology

Artificial Intelligence is becoming far more than just a viral sensation. AI is becoming a technology that any business or person can leverage to revolutionize their work and day-to-day activities. Let’s explore some of the latest mind-blowing AI tools beyond Chat GPT.

Woman using AI for work

Similar to Chat GPT, Dall-E 2 will transform text prompts into computer graphics. It can combine concepts, attributes, and styles. This will eliminate the long waits for graphic designers to get images back and produce quicker turnaround times. The hope is that Dall-E 2 will empower people to express themselves creatively. The creators of Dall-E 2 hope that this will help them understand how advanced AI systems see and understand the human world, which is critical for creating AI that benefits humanity.

Lumen5 is an AI-powered video creation tool that enables anyone to easily create education, marketing, or business video content using a simple drag-and-drop interface. Lumen5 makes it easier than building a slide show deck on PowerPoint. It can turn blog posts into videos or Zoom recordings into captivating clips.

Looka is a tool that makes it easy to brand your business by using AI to create unique and distinctive logos that convey the company’s style and messaging. Bring your brand to life by building brand identity and creating hundreds of branded marketing materials. Looka is not just logos, either. Customize the design of business cards, social profiles, email signatures, and more.

Murf is a text-to-speech engine that makes it simple to create natural-sounding synthetic vocal recordings in 15 languages from over 120 voices and dialects. Murf’s AI voices do not sound monotonous and robotic. Murf’s advanced AI algorithms catch the right tone and pick up on every punctuation and exclamation mark from the human voice. This output can easily be incorporated into automated marketing or video content, automating the process of creating narration and voiceovers.

Legal Robot. We’ve all been there before, after receiving a contract or an addendum, and needed further clarification. With Legal Robot, it is designed to translate complex and confusing legalese into layperson’s terms automatically.  This will benefit anyone who isn’t specialized in that field and for legal professionals to ensure that their contracts and documents are written in terms anyone can understand.

Cleanup.Pictures. Have you ever taken a photo with many background distractions in it? Now with, this AI tool lets you retouch images by removing unwanted objects, defects, or even people using a process known as inpainting to help create the perfect shot. Adobe Photoshop fix needs a background reference, whereas use AI to truly guess what is behind the unwanted text, person, or object with just a few clicks.

Fireflies. This is an excellent tool for those working from home by plugging into popular video conferencing tools like Zoom, Teams, or Google Meet. In addition, it automates the process of taking notes and creating transcriptions—share meeting notes with favorite collaboration apps like Slack, Notion, and more. It also analyzes conversations to provide insights into the dynamics and decision-making that are going on in discussions. Review a one-hour meeting in five minutes. Then, filter and listen to critical topics discussed in meetings.

The future is likely to include a lot of these AI advancements. So try one out and let us know how they have helped you.