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By on Jun 15, 2018 in Giving, People

Yardi Boston recently participated in a Garden Party project at Somerville Village that will bring therapeutic and educational resources to young women in transitional housing. The project reflects how humble beginnings can be transformed into spectacular endings.

About Somerville Village

Somerville Village is a collaboration between Focus and The Home for Little Wanderers. The former is a Massachusetts-based non-profit that advocates and supports affordable housing as well as services for its residents. The latter offers programming to strengthen vulnerable families and keep children safe in their communities.

Together, the organizations launched Somerville Village, transitional housing and programing to help young women who have aged-out of The Home for Little Wanderers yet need additional assistance to pursue higher education.

Somerville Village is a two-story house with 15 bedrooms, five bathrooms, a kitchen and several communal spaces. Residents have easy access to public transportation, allowing them to commute to their post-secondary classes. In addition to housing, Somerville Village also provides access to therapeutic and educational support for residents as they take additional steps towards independence.

The Garden Party

When Yardi Boston team members arrived at Somerville Village, they found a lovely home with one aesthetic flaw: an underused side yard in serious need of attention. The organization wanted to transform the space into an educational and functional garden. Yardi was there to help.

Rick Houpt, Development, The Home for Little Wanderers, explains, “The Yardi team absolutely transformed a dreary, black-padded side-yard into a cheerful educational and therapeutic space: a garden of raised beds for vegetables, herbs, and flowers.”

The garden is an educational opportunity because the women of Somerville Village will have the chance to learn about nutrition, gardening, and growing food. The resource can help them take better care of bodies and minds, reaping the long-term rewards that follow.

Gardening is also a therapeutic practice. It offers visual and kinetic sensory experiences which encourage calm and serenity through the release of serotonin and dopamine.

“Its therapeutic value will extend to the women’s discovery of the joy of growth and the importance of delayed gratification, as well as a sense of responsibility and care-taking,” says Houpt.

“Yes, the garden will yield herbs, flowers, and vegetables, but the young women of Somerville Village will harvest much more than produce,” continues Houpt. “Their first crop was harvested on Friday: there really are people, like the team from Yardi, who care about them. That’s a very important harvest!”

Houpt concludes, “Our thanks to EVERYONE at Yardi for your investment of treasure, talent, and time, into the long-term futures of these important young women.”

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