Yardi Atlanta Women Meet, Celebrate

By on Mar 26, 2024 in People

Last week, the women of the Atlanta office gathered to celebrate each other and network through thoughtful conversations in honor of Women’s History Month.

Women at Yardi employees Atlanta

The morning started with a raffle drawing and an exciting networking game: Meet Your Match. Everyone got a clue, such as “cookies” or “sweet,” and you had to network to meet your match without saying the word. For example, “milk & cookies” or “sweet and sour.”

While the event took place, music played in the breakroom, and a complete brunch feast was served, including waffles with all the fixings, salmon and grits, bacon and eggs, and mock mimosas.

Afterward, the women gathered in the meeting room for fun trivia questions and discussions. The trivia knowledge consisted of famous women in our industry and more, with prizes. Fireside chats were then discussed to create a supportive and informative environment for the office women. A box of tissues circled as many had emotional and profound stories to share. These stories and strategies for overcoming traumatic experiences that have built such strong women were welcomed with open arms, and everyone was in their feels.

Yardi Atlanta women employees

It wrapped up with some open conversations and engagement for “Women at Yardi,” which will soon open the doors for women to come together virtually for support and vitality.

What an empowering day for the women in the Atlanta office!