Starting Out Smart

By on Jun 18, 2018 in People

Clearwater Living is new to the senior living real estate market, but the Southern California-based developer and owner/operator of new senior communities aims to set standards for high quality resident and employee experiences in every market it enters.

As they  opened their first three communities, and prepare to manage more independent senior communities  Clearwater Living wanted to start off with a strong technology platform. After analyzing the options in the marketplace, the Yardi Senior Living Suite was the right choice.

Breck Austin, VP Support Services for Clearwater Living, knew of Yardi’s strong reputation in the real estate technology space from his work at prior employers. Though Austin had never been a Yardi user before, he knew that the reputation of the company’s platforms was tremendous for meeting a myriad of business needs, from resident services to the back office.

“As we grow our company and the systems we use, one of the questions we faced was how to best support the next generation of senior living residents coming into our communities with robust technology and systems,” Austin said.

“We wanted to be able to easily communicate to residents about our lifestyle programs and engage them into enjoying our restaurant venues. We wanted them to see their statements and pay bills, and provide their families access to those resources. We knew that what would provide the highest resident and associate satisfaction was a fully integrated system, so Yardi was our answer.”

The RENTCafé Senior Living resident portal for family and resident provides access to records, statements and care details which was one of the main factors that led Clearwater Living to pick Yardi as its software provider.

“To have your medical records, your electronic health care records, all housed in one place with your accounting database with access through a portal for family members or residents, that’s a great advantage in providing service in our space,” Austin said.

Clearwater Living has now opened communities in Colorado Springs, Colo., Henderson, Nev.; and Oxnard, Calif.

“The ability for us to just add an asset on the fly in the current environment is wonderful. We don’t have to go and get a special license, we just need to license the units. It matches our entity structure perfectly,” Austin shared.

Use of Yardi technology has also been a selling point with prospective investors.

“As our new company is evolving we’re attracting new limited partners and capital investors. When we tell them we’re using Yardi – they didn’t have concerns around our processes. There’s a reputation that comes with Yardi, and especially when I told them we were using all the modules.”

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