Sachin Yenurkar

By on May 7, 2024 in People

Meet Sachin Yenurkar, senior technical consultant from our Dubai office. Yenurkar recently conquered Everest Base Camp and waved a Yardi flag on the legendary mountain.

Sachin Yenurkar Yardi employee Dubai

Meet Sachin Yenurkar

Sachin Yenurkar has been working at Yardi for 13 years. He supports clients in implementing Voyager with standard and custom functionalities to meet their business needs. His role involves troubleshooting and resolving issues with Yardi products, ensuring a smooth user experience. In addition, he plays a crucial mentorship role in guiding technical teams in Dubai and Pune.

“I enjoy the challenges I face while interacting with the clients, understanding their needs, and helping them achieve their business goals by delivering the best solutions. This process not only helps in achieving the client’s business objectives but also contributes to my personal growth and job satisfaction,” explained Yenurkar.

Inclusive Culture

Since Yenurkar has been with Yardi for 13 years, he feels like Yardi is family. Celebrating diverse festivals and events enhances his team bonding and reflects a culture of inclusivity and respect for different traditions. Yenurkar feels that Yardi is the best place to work, with daily challenges and the opportunity to enjoy the organization’s fun, loving, diverse and inclusive people.

Oksana Goliak, Yardi Dubai office manager, shares some proud words for Yenurkar:

“Sachin is an avid adventurer with a passion for conquering new heights, both professionally and personally. With 13 years of dedication to Yardi, he has demonstrated a relentless drive for success in his career. Beyond the office walls, Sachin has tackled all UAE’s Mountain peaks, showcasing his determination and love for outdoor challenges. Always seeking new opportunities to explore and hike, Sachin embodies the spirit of adventure and continuous growth. We are very proud of Sachin and his achievements!”

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Spirit of Adventure

Yenurkar’s time spent outside the office is for social gatherings and yoga classes in the evening. He organizes hiking day trips for his family and friends on the weekends. In addition to hiking the peaks of UAE, Yenurkar is a culinary enthusiast.

“I enjoy exploring and cooking dishes from various cuisines. It’s a delight to bring these creations to our Dubai office for my colleagues to taste. It’s my way of adding some flavor to our workdays! And I often do that,” expressed Yenurkar.

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