Philip Suh

By on Feb 7, 2024 in People

Yardi’s global offices make essential contributions to property management and investors worldwide. Today, meet Philip Suh, associate technical account manager with the Residential CSD team.

Meet Philip Suh

Philip and Camill Suh

Philip Suh has been working at Yardi for over a year and a half. Suh spends his workdays answering and catching up on emails in the mornings, participates in daily scrum meetings with his team to discuss cases they are working on that day, and finishes up with client meetings in the afternoon hours. Suh currently works on Positive Pay and Interface cases with the client and a third party vendor or bank.

“I love helping people set up and implement new things into their Voyager environment,” said Suh. “I also really enjoy being able to help my teammates out and want to try my best to be approachable by my teammates or other people!”

Suh feels the reciprocity at Yardi among his teammates, which he is very grateful for. “I love that everyone is so open to lending a hand, especially with unfamiliar topics. I have never felt that I was not welcome to ask a question on my team,” Suh shares.

Work-Life Balance

Suh appreciates the work environment at Yardi and likes the work-life balance. The direction from his Team Lead and manager has given him more opportunities, which he acknowledges.

“I’m really happy with my work-life balance here at Yardi, which allows me to have fun and be my own person when I’m not working. I think ensuring that not letting your job title define you is really important,” Suh expressed.

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Sweet Love

Suh spends his time outside the office with his lovely wife, Camill, eating good food and sweet treats.

“We typically go out to eat or will have a dinner night with some sweets afterward!” Suh also enjoys hanging out with friends and working on his project car in the garage.

“I love getting to know new people,” shared Suh. “Even though I’m an introvert, I like talking to people and getting to know them when it is not a big group setting!”

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