Meet Grant Burnham

By on Nov 13, 2023 in People

The PHA industry is special. There’s a level of caring and personal commitment to helping others that rises a notch in comparison with other real estate verticals.

Exhibit A: Grant Burnham.

Grant joined Yardi a few years ago. He not only brought with him decades’ of PHA and affordable housing finance experience but also a positive attitude and a genuine appreciation for the work PHAs do for their communities

Let’s find out more about Grant, Yardi’s PHA clients and the company’s solutions.

Grant, where do you call home?

GB: Hello! I am a Colorado native, and my home base is Yardi’s Denver office.

What hobbies do you enjoy in your free time?

GB: I am an avid pool player. I have been playing in leagues for almost 15 years and even got to participate in team world championship tournaments three separate times in Las Vegas. I’m always up for a game or two (or more) whenever I get a chance!

How long have you been with Yardi? What is your current position?

GB: I’ve been with Yardi since February 2020. My role is a team leader and solutions consultant. That means I work with a great group of sales professionals dedicated to helping housing agencies solve challenges and serve their residents, landlords and participants with innovative Yardi technology.

How did you get started in the PHA/affordable housing industry?

GB: My journey in the housing industry began in 2008 when I joined a local PHA in the Denver area. I was there for about three years before I accepted a position with the Colorado Housing and Finance Agency in 2011. I remained with CHFA until 2020 when I began working at Yardi.

Throughout my career, my roles in the housing industry have included Occupancy Specialist, Voucher Specialist, REAC inspector, Compliance Officer and MOR officer. That’s one thing I enjoy about the PHA and affordable housing industry: there’s always more to learn and new opportunities to expand my professional skillset.

What benefits do the PHAs you work with bring to their communities?

GB: I have a lot of respect for the work PHAs do because of the assistance and housing resources they bring to households in need within their communities. The scope of their services is impressive as it helps solve so many different challenges. From permanent housing within rental properties to short-term assistance for a family to get back on their feet, to permanent affordable housing for elderly households on a fixed income, there are a lot of programs and types of services offered by PHAs. The communities they serve benefit greatly. Additionally, when PHAs add supportive services and programs for families to become homeowners or develop new life skills, they can be set up for long term, future growth and success. It’s a rewarding industry to support and I’m happy to be a part of it.

How will you close out 2023?

GB: My wife and I are firm believers that holidays are a time to spend with family. We always plan at least one trip every holiday season to Kansas City to spend time with all her family who live in that area.

The family always has a gingerbread house party where we collectively make a gingerbread village to display. We also make time to go out and see the decorative lights around the city, both here in Denver and in Kansas City.

What is your favorite Yardi PHA product to demo or assist clients with?

GB: The Yardi PHA Suite is a fun and interesting all-in-one solution to demo for prospective PHA clients. But, if I had to choose one that I enjoy demoing most, it’s probably RentCafe PHA.

I remember the work I did while working at the housing authority, and I can personally see the benefits and savings that RentCafe PHA delivers to agencies. For example, PHA staff save so much time conducting all their certifications online. The cost savings from not having to mail letters and print paper add up over time. But beyond that, when you consider the benefits of digitizing compliance work with households on waitlists, private landlords, HCV participants, maintenance teams and more, there really is a lot of good and interesting things to help agencies incorporate into their work.

Thanks Grant!

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