Luxury Senior Living

By on Aug 20, 2018 in People

Any preconceived notions of what a senior living community might look like went out the window when we walked into Clearwater at Riverpark last month for a client site visit. The state-of-the-art independent living community, completed in April 2018, markets a fine living experience for independent seniors, but after our tour, we would argue that’s an understatement.

Upon entering the lobby, reminiscent of a high-end hotel with a glittering chandelier and living wall, Clearwater staff members greeted the Yardi Senior Living team. The crew of account reps, engineers and marketers who support Yardi’s Senior Living Suite and the clients who use it came prepared for a tour—and a glimpse of what life is like inside a resort-like adult community.

Senior living has evolved, offering unique and varied options to a new generation of seniors. Clearwater at Riverpark represents a turning point, led by a contingent of baby boomers that refuses to resign themselves to assumptions of what life looks like post retirement. This upscale set demands not only the best care as they age, but top-shelf lifestyle amenities as well.

“We call it a cruise ship on land, ” said Breck Austin, vice president of support services of Clearwater Senior Living, as he kicked off the tour poolside. “You should see this place on the weekends.” Every Saturday and Sunday, residents’ families, grandchildren in tow, pack the patio, splashing in the water and playing bocce ball.

The next stop was the movie theater, with rows of leather recliners, blackout windows, and a snack bar. Each Friday, this is where residents gather for dinner and a movie night. Residents vote on what film will play every week and enjoy the show as staff take entree orders.

From there, the Yardi team got to observe a morning cooking class. Residents revved up high-powered blenders for smoothies and took turns making new breakfast treats like overnight oats and chia seed pudding.

The tour continued: art studio on the right, by the salon, gym to the left, next to the yoga room. We stopped by the library, the game room, and the media area, where TED Talks play on a large flat screen and residents learn new languages or play gin rummy, before heading back downstairs for lunch.

Small cards, detailing a three-course seasonal menu, sat atop crisp white napkins in the dining room. “That long table over there, that’s our chef’s table,” Breck pointed. “Residents can set up a dinner with their friends and invite guests, and the chef will come out and walk them through each dish. It’s really fun.”

With bellies full, the Yardi team sat and listened as staff shared about the happiness of the residents. It’s not just about lavish comforts and daily activities, but the sense of vitality and community those things foster here. If not for residents roaming the grounds, Clearwater at Riverpark could easily be mistaken for an all-inclusive resort, not a senior living community. But then again, isn’t that the point?