Lindsay Carter

By on Mar 20, 2024 in People

Yardi’s global offices make essential contributions to property management and investors worldwide.  Meet Lindsay Carter, a senior sales account executive focusing on integrating new companies onto the Yardi platform.

Meet Lindsay Carter

Lindsay Carter

Lindsay Carter will be celebrating five years at Yardi in May this year. Carter spends her days researching organizations not currently using Yardi with an endgame to understand their business better and how Yardi will align with them to achieve their business goals.

She also assists her current Yardi clients with regular meetings to discuss new product enhancements, business initiatives, and demoing solutions available that they might wish to adopt.

“I really enjoy meeting prospective clients. I like researching organizations, learning how they’re structured, understanding what they’re focused on achieving, and then strategically aligning Yardi to be a superior software choice for them,” says Carter.

Welcome to the Family

Carter has always felt welcomed at Yardi. This family-run organization treats everyone like family, and Mr. Yardi is a wonderful person to work for. Carter is proud to work for him. She appreciates Yardi’s collaboration and philanthropic efforts—”much of who we are is about taking care of each other and our communities.”

“Our teams are incredibly diverse, so we all bring something different to the table. This makes for great idea-sharing and problem-solving, so we can work together to support each other and our clients better,” explained Carter.

For a new hire just starting at Yardi, Lindsay Carter would greet them with, “Welcome to the Family!” With unlimited resources available to help anyone succeed and incredible diversity, everyone brings something different. At Yardi, there are excellent idea-sharing and problem-solving skills, so they provide better support for each other and their clients.

“We stand behind our motto: We take care of our clients, we take care of each other, we take care of our communities, stay focused and grow,” shared Carter.

Yardi is hiring globally! Interested prospective employees can explore opportunities on the Careers site.

Event Specialist and Outdoor Adventurer

Lindsay Carter and husband

When Lindsay Carter is not working at Yardi, she and her husband are very active. They both enjoy cycling and playing golf. Their two cute boys, Palmer, a Goldendoodle, and Brooks, a golden retriever, are named after golfers. They love to travel and visit Nashville and Traverse City multiple times yearly.

Carter is also a part of the Special Event Committee for the Property Management Association of West Michigan. “I thoroughly enjoy planning events that unite people and benefit local small businesses.”

Cancer Survivor

Lindsay Carter was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in December 2022 and beat it in April 2023.

“Everyone, my team, my clients, was so incredibly supportive during my treatments, and I could not have done it without their help, so now it’s my turn to help others going through their cancer journey. I’d want them to know they can reach out to me with any questions about my cancer journey, especially if it would help them going through something similar,” expressed Carter.

Carter is currently campaigning to raise money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Read more about her victorious race against Cancer and how you can help.

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