Housing and Helping

By on Jul 30, 2015 in People


Image courtesy Caleb Group website.

At the Caleb Group, a home is much more than just a place to rest at night.

The affordable housing provider, based in Swampscott, Mass., aims to improve the lives of its residents. With a strong foundation of community service created by founders Joan and Warren Sawyer, the Caleb Group has been doing good works for more than two decades.

The company, a Yardi client, was recently recognized in its hometown paper, The Daily Item, with a write-up that tells the touching story of how the Sawyers, motivated by faith and a desire to help out their community, founded the company in 1992. Their original vision of service and support for residents remains strong today.

“Housing itself isn’t enough. Residents and their communities flourish when they are supported by the kinds of programs and resources that Caleb’s Service Coordinators and Community Opportunity Centers provide,” the company’s website explains.

Programs for residents access to services and resources that foster “community engagement, financial stability, health and family support, and youth programming.” More than 4,000 residents in 21 communities benefit. Literacy, financial counseling, continuing education and work experience are among the offered programs.

The good works don’t end there. The company also provides support to Abbott House, which houses formerly homeless families in Dorchester, Mass, and an international home for domestic violence victims in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua.

Family values are strong within the company leadership. The Sawyer’s daughter, Debra S. Nutter, is President and CEO. She was a founder of the company. Her parents still serve on its Board of Directors.

Yardi salutes the Caleb Group for its exceptional community service. Read more about how the company has helped residents change their lives for the better.