Giving by Gaming

By on Feb 6, 2018 in People

Yardi Saskatoon participated in the Extra Life game day, a playtime marathon to support Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital was the local beneficiary of the event.

Extra Life  started back in 2008 with a handful of passionate gamers. Since then, the community has grown to more than 100,000 participants. To date, Extra Life has raised more than $40 million for children facing illness and major injuries.

The Concept

Ideally, Extra Life is a gaming marathon that lasts for 24 consecutive hours. While there is an official Game Day (often early November) gamers are able to contribute whenever their schedules allow. They’re also encouraged to take breaks and spread out the 24 hours as needed.

Gamers can choose from a variety of game styles, from PS4 to card games and even hop scotch. It’s an entirely flexible fundraising platform that allows players to customize the experience based on the interests and expertise of those involved.

Fundraising milestone are also customizable. Coordinators recommend a minimum of $100, but players are encouraged to select an amount that is personal. For example, Extra Life founder Jeromy Adams set his 2011 goal at $5,415. That odd number represents $5 for each day that his friend Tori spent fighting leukemia before she succumbed to the illness.

Passionate participants begin by receiving achievement badges, milestones in raising awareness and rallying support. For every year of participation, gamers receive Legacy Badges that distinguish them from newbies in the field.

Power Ups are the participants’ ultimate in-game reward! Each year, coordinators collaborate with partners to offer “gaming goodies.” These can range from discounts to expansion packs and merchandise. Platinum players receive Extra Life memorabilia such as t-shirts, medals, and exclusive prizes.

The Event

The event was held on-site on the first floor of the Yardi Saskatoon office.  A common space held three projectors and gaming consoles, each equipped with a family-friendly multiplayer game. On the opposite side of the room, employees geared up several PCs for Minecraft. Employees opened up the staff room for board games.

Yardi employees Marla Mayes, Kirk McCulloch, Adam Rowley, Nick James, Josh Goodwin, Dave Weber, Garrett Hansen, Jon Schneider, Mark Hollman, Qi Guo, and Chen Yang helped to make Extra Life a success.

The team played family-friendly games during the afternoon, hosting employee’s family members as well as community members. Participants followed up the first round of games with a pizza dinner.

The heightened energy made a typical workday more exciting, as Guo observed, “The family game section was really a success. There was a family of four dancing to the music from Just Dance. Kids were jumping high in Rock Climbing of Kinect Sports Rivals. And a group of four people were playing Mario Cart against each other.”

Once the youngsters were tuckered-out, the adults started a competitive tournament of Minecraft that lasted throughout the evening. Throughout their gaming time, Yardi’s gamer employees raised $832 for the children’s hospital.

“Yardi supports local communities in Saskatoon by holding events like Extra Life Game Day to encourage employees to participate in philanthropy. At the same time, employees get the chance to give back to local communities, like the Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital in this case, by participating in this event,” says Guo.

Yardi employees are Energized for Good! Release your inner gamer and join in on the fun and goodwill. Visit to learn more about the next event.