Remote Yardi Training

By on Jul 6, 2015 in People

Brindley and AssociatesAccording to the Association for Talent Development, American organizations spend an estimated $164 billion on employee training on each year. This ranges from 31.5 -56 hours of training per employee. This valuable time is spent simply learning how to optimize performance rather than putting those plans into action. Yardi client Brindley & Associates has cut those costs with the use of one, simple software solution.

Accountant Carol Vandenberghe has worked with Brindley and Associates for thirteen years. Overtime, she has seen the company grow its presence in the southeast. To meet it’s more sophisticated needs, the firm recently upgraded to Voyager 7S. The combination of expansion and new software required a more efficient way to pursue employee training.

“That was the main reason why we got eLearning,” begins Vandenberghe. “It really helped with the transition, plus we had just hired new employees as well.”

Yardi eLearning has helped Brindley and Associates significantly cut costs on employee education and get the most out of Voyager upgrade.

“We have so many properties in outlying areas,” Vandenberghe says. “Some of those properties are four hours away. It would take at least eight hours for the property managers to drive back and forth for training. Then to come by the office and have to sit there for two, eight hour days, maybe more.”

Those hours are just a portion of the resources wasted on onsite training. “Training event preparation requires a lot of planning. I figure 40-50 hours. That’s an entire week right there,” Vandenberghe says. “Then we have to bring in all of the property managers, pay for their food and hotel, that kind of thing. Plus, it’s inconvenient for the property managers to have to leave when they’ve got tenants coming in to make payments. The convenience of eLearning is probably worth more than anything.”

eLearning facilitates remote employee education through a fully configurable, mobile-friendly program. Companies can create individualized lesson plans that allow learners to move at their own pace, or complete assignments within a given timeframe.

The software also has also helped Brindley and Associates reap the greatest ROI from their other Yardi products through an extensive library of course offerings, assessment tools, post-training follow-up and review activities.

“I love the fact that we can set it up the way that we want to, per company or per individual, that kind of thing,” says Vanderberghe. “It’s more convenient because the staff can do it on their own pace at their own time. They don’t have to leave their office to receive training.”

As a continuing education tool, eLearning helps to solidify the information that learners receive for a longer period of time. Employees can learn at their own pace and review content as frequently as needed, minimizing information overload or losing content overtime. To unlock the potential of eLearning for your company, visit