Culture First

By on Nov 6, 2018 in People

Bloom Senior Living has a simple, yet aspirational mission: to help residents flourish. The family-owned and operated company, started in 1963, is dedicated to helping seniors live full, meaningful lives. But just as important as it is to make sure residents feel like family, at Bloom, staff members feel like family too.

The leadership team has made creating a nurturing company culture their priority, because they believe if the culture is right, everything else—including delivering on their brand mission—will fall into place. That’s why it’s critically important to Tony Kantor, principal and director of finance, and Brad Dubin, principal, director of acquisition and general counsel, to create an office where employees feel valued and have all the resources they need.

With eight communities across five states, Bloom began using Yardi to create a scalable business model that put people first. “We wanted a fully integrated product, one system throughout the entire cycle. It’s more seamless and efficient for our team, who already have to learn lots of different systems. Streamlining is a major benefit,” Dubin explains. It’s that efficiency that’s helped the company’s 40 Yardi users simplify processes and eliminate tasks in order to do what they love most: deliver great customer service to residents.

“We use Yardi for everything,” says Dubin, who handles Bloom’s marketing and sales. “As soon as we get a prospect, we enter them in the system and start tracking all their data. All the calls, all the marketing activity. Sales one hundred percent relies on the CRM system. I can’t imagine not having it.” What the team likes most is the structure the software has helped create. Having an automated process takes the guesswork out of the sales cycle and keeps prospects moving through the pipeline.

“It’s helped us systemize the company from a sales perspective. We’ve created tangible, specific standards for our salespeople and we have follow-through with reporting. It’s made the sales program more consistent across the board. More consistency equals better follow-up, and the net result of that is more move-ins” Dubin tells us.

Once a prospect has become a resident—a new member of the Bloom family—the seamless process continues. “When they decide to move in, they become a resident and shift to admin side where we handle all the billing, all receivables, all payables. We generate our statements out of the system. We chose Yardi years ago to keep track of everything in one place. To support marketing, support wellness. It’s accomplished everything we wanted it to,” says Kantor. With the tools they need to succeed, Bloom’s staff family can happily spend their time serving others, ensuring residents live full, meaningful lives.

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