Yardi Skilled Nursing

By on Oct 19, 2020 in News

Yardi created the Yardi Senior Living Suite to encompass every element of senior housing management within a single platform, from sales, marketing and care management to payments, family communication and medication administration. The suite helps facility operators grow their occupancy, deliver quality care and lower total costs of ownership.

A recent addition brings even more key operations into the suite. Yardi Skilled Nursing is a mobile solution that helps senior living staff members deliver care and document their actions more efficiently.


Yardi Skilled Nursing saves time in resident assessment, charting and reporting by sending resident data from the point of care directly into a standardized patient health assessment repository known as the MDS. This streamlined documentation process lets staff members spend more time on resident care instead of entering and validating data.

The solution also fortifies compliance by ensuring operators are current on frequently changing regulations and automatically checking for fatal errors, missed fields and inconsistencies. User logs, change reasons and up-to-date chart data establish a clear audit trail. Advanced reporting, clinical key performance indicators and financial measures enable full oversight of care services.

Yardi Skilled Nursing also delivers value to senior living facility operators by:

  • Reducing manual data entry errors with automatic pre-population of MDS with information from previous assessments
  • Providing a user-friendly interface that helps lighten staff workloads and improve productivity
  • Streamlining government reimbursements with simplified, error-free claims management
  • Delivering full access to real-time clinical information for staff across the business

“Staff members can devote their energies to resident care because all electronic point-of-care charting is readily available on any mobile device,” said Ray Elliott, vice president of senior living for Yardi. “That benefit combines with real-time availability of full service information to give facility operators the means to improve health outcomes, work more efficiently and minimize risk.”

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