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Five years ago this month, Yardi eLearning was officially launched to the world. Like every successful software product, there is an interesting back

The Yardi eLearning team.

story to Yardi’s online staff training management solution.

Did you know that Yardi eLearning was originally conceived as part of a MBA thesis by a Yardi employee? Yves Hajjar came to Yardi in 2011, and at the time was working on his MBA. Read Yves’ story here.

Patty Evans, manager of training for Yardi, heard of Yves’ masters project shortly after his arrival at Yardi. The two quickly teamed up and began to design what eventually became Yardi eLearning.

“I read the press release announcing a new real estate training service we were offering at Yardi. That announcement inspired me to consider how we could create an online learning platform for our clients and staff. Simultaneously, Yves was pitching his masters project to Yardi management as a potential client-facing product for learning management. We quickly connected with each other, and the rest is history,” said Evans.

For months, Patty and Yves worked on creating a functional learning management system. Yves focused on redesigning the product’s framework and interface. Patty worked evenings and weekends on the first set of courses.

Those courses were eventually launched in October 2012 as Simpson Housing used Yardi eLearning to train employees during their launch of Yardi Voyager. “Simpson was a great experience for us. Their employees and properties are spread across four regions. Yardi eLearning helped Simpson Housing deliver standardized training through a single online interface without the trouble and travel costs of hosting onsite classroom sessions in multiple areas,” said Evans.

Over the past five years, Yardi eLearning has grown significantly in number of daily active users, markets supported and number of courses offered. Yardi clients around the globe access Yardi eLearning for online staff instruction, with a curriculum of more than 600 courses that cover every industry served by Yardi clients.

Yardi developer Yves Hajjar, Cindy Sheahan of Simpson Housing, and Yardi trainer Patty Evans

Current development efforts exceed the relatively simple upgrades the team performed early on the life of Yardi eLearning. “We’ve come a long way since the days of new features like user groups, color notes, and separate student and admin dashboards. Today, our focus is on technical features that automate training management duties that boost efficiency, heighten security and increase accuracy,” said Evans.

eLearning’s latest advancements include automated workflows, blended learning plans, a rapid course builder and learner data import/export functions. Users can also take advantage of new course authoring tools, free Yardi webinar subscription feeds, administrative notifications, dynamic group assignments, and advanced assessment tools for HR, Compliance Officers and Property Operations Trainers.

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Want to take staff training to the next level? Make learning fun and effective by providing users with consistent, compelling content, no matter where they are. Users can log in to Yardi eLearning from any device connected to the internet for access to live courses, webinars and self-guided classes with multimedia content and links to practice environments. Log on to Yardi.com/eLearning or call 800.866.1144 to learn more.