Working from Home

By on Dec 20, 2020 in News

In 2017, only 5.2% of Americans consistently worked from home. This summer, more than 51% of employed Americans transitioned to remote work environments.  This means more time, tasks and responsibilities at home– and necessary updates to their renters insurance policies.

Not sure if you need to update your policy? Check out the scenarios below to see if they apply to you.

You have more frequent guests than usual

Suzanne and her partner, Dave, are a blacksmiths who recently had to close their shop in the city. They hauled their equipment to the garage of Suzanne’s rental. The space is cramped and darker than they’re accustomed to, but

things are working fine.

Should Suzanne review her liability insurance policy? Yes! Her current liability coverage may be sufficient to cover most incidents in her rental house. Her coworker, however, will be in her rental more often than usual. The increased frequency of his visits along with using high-risk equipment in a less-than-ideal space may call for additional coverage.

You have significantly more equipment or materials than usual

Leanne is a professional bridesmaid. (Yes, they exist.) With limited access hours at her storage facility, she may have tens of thousands of dollars of wedding supplies or specialized equipment at her rental.

Should Leanne review her personal property coverage? Yes! This is tricky, because while she did not pay for the items, they are her responsibility while in the unit. The cost of the items may exceed her typical renters insurance cost, warranting a policy update.

Additionally, she will need to consider an actual cash value protection policy rather than replacement cost coverage. Actual cash value plans offer coverage up to items’ current market value. In contrast, replacement coverage replaces compromised items. This time-consuming process may be less beneficial for her time-sensitive needs.

Updating personal property coverage is less relevant for the typical work-from-home scenario where you may have purchased a new laptop and monitor. Your current coverage likely includes these items.

Your employment status changes

Julio is a massage therapist whose work suffered due to quarantine protocols. He was out of work for weeks. He took up a part-time job at a grocery store but worries his first paycheck won’t come in time to cover his insurance payment.

Should Julio review his renters insurance policy? Yes! To prevent a lapse in coverage, Steve should contact his insurance provider. His work was directly impacted by COVID-19, and the insurance provider may have payment assistance provisions.

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