Support for Seniors

By on May 22, 2020 in News

COVID-19 poses many challenges to senior living, but providers, and the public at large, are stepping up to help residents and staff in every way they can.

A few weeks back, I shared a few positive stories of support in the industry. Since then, the coronavirus outbreak has continued to spread, but communities have continued to get creative in their response. Here are a couple more stories featuring Yardi clients that we hope will make you smile:

Crafting a clear connection

For families, one of the most trying parts so far has been the inability to visit their loved ones. Providers have locked down facilities to keep residents and staff safe, but at Thrive Senior Living, CEO Jeramy Ragsdale was determined to do more to help everyone stay in touch. He hit upon the idea of glass panels that would allow interaction without the risk of infection.

“We custom built it to fit inside the front doors of our communities and created a venue where residents and families can visit in a safe way across these barriers,” Jeramy said in a local news report. “Our biggest challenge is now telling families ‘your time is up’ because there’s someone there to visit behind you.”

As a gesture of support to the industry, Thrive has made the plans for their glass panels freely available on their website. Download the instructions

Famous art, familiar faces

Sure, museums are closed for the foreseeable future, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find inspiration in their art. Following the recent social media trend, residents at Osprey Lodge of Allegro Senior Living have recreated masterpieces by dressing up as the models, using whatever they could scrounge up from their closets and cabinets to mimic the artwork.

The photos speak for themselves. From toilet paper rolls as cartwheel ruffs to buckets and towels for headwear and hairdos, the imagination on display is amazing. My personal favorite is the gentleman with a glass of orange juice precariously dangled in front of him. That one clearly took a lot of patience to nail the balance.

A red carpet for the real stars

The nurses, caregivers and staff in senior living communities have been doing all they can to ensure the safety of their residents. And those efforts haven’t gone unnoticed. Last week, workers at The Woodlands at Hillcrest were given the red-carpet treatment — literally. A local business, NRC Health, rolled out an entrance carpet, gave away gift bags and displayed posters of support as the staff arrived.

“They do a lot of great things, and they don’t always get the credit they deserve,” said Tess Kurtenbach, business development manager for NRC Health, in a news interview. “They’re our heroes. They’re doing the biggest job right now.”

Positivity from the public

While red carpets are wonderful, words by themselves can mean just as much. A group of high school students in Colorado recently filmed their own creative message of support for Golden Pond Retirement Community.

The video follows AHCA/NCAL’s launch of a new campaign last month, #CareNotCOVID, which encourages those sheltering at home to share positive messages with their local senior living communities. The messages are meant to help staff and residents feel supported, now so more than ever.

Social distancing guidelines have pushed us apart for our own health, but they’ve also drawn us together in new ways. Examples of connection like these are growing in senior living, and we hope they inspire even more to follow suit.