Summer Fun

By on May 31, 2016 in News

Do you want to win the property manager of the year award? We’ve got a list of summilitaryhousingmer camps for military youth that can make you a local hero.

Once school is out, your military housing community will be flooded with bored kids and exhausted parents. By distributing this list of camps and workshops for the children of service members, you’re one step closer to peace of mind through the upcoming summer months.

More than that, you can offer value-added services to your residents. Summer camps can help families avoid the summer slide, improving kids’ academic performance throughout the year. Camps are also lifelines for children in military families who move often. Camps give kids the opportunity to make new friends, acclimated to a new neighborhood, and a new school district.

Below is a list of unique camp opportunities for kids of military families.

Air Force Services’ Teen Aviation Camp

This selective camp is open to teens with an interest life in the United States Air Force. Aviation Camp takes place during the first week in June. Flying in a Cessna 145 is one of many highlights of this camp. Those eligible are OCONUS and CONUS family members of: Active Duty Military assigned to or living on an AF installation; AF Retired Military; AF Civilian Employees; Activated Air National Guard or AF Reserve; and Joint Bases (AF lead) Active Duty, and Civilian employees.

Camp Corral

Military kids ages 8-15 throughout the nation can enjoy the “week of a lifetime” through Camp Corral. Attendees will join the ranks of nearly 7,000 kids in 23 camps across 19 states that have enjoyed the adventures of the camp so far. Children can explore outdoor activities such as swimming, canoeing, horseback riding and ropes course challenges. When they prefer the cool of the indoors, there are arts, crafts, archery and more. Although any child from a military family is eligible, registration priority is given to children of wounded, disabled or fallen military service members. Camp is free!

ASYMCA The Armed Services YMCA offers camps at 31 locations throughout the nation. Parents can find the nearest installation on the “Locations” menu to select from an array of camp opportunities for youth of all ages. Some locations also offer family camps.

Defending the Blue Line

Hockey, anyone? Defending The Blue Line (DTBL) aims to ensure that children of military members are given the opportunity to participate in hockey. DTBL provides free equipment for military kids, hockey camps, special events, and financial assistance for registration fees and other costs associated with hockey.

American Wanderer Summer Camp This is a truly unique experience for military housing in Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, South Dakota, Utah and Wyoming. American Wanderers is crafted for youth ages 11-17. The two-week camp welcomes participants to explore the National Parks of the area. No two days are the same! Hiking, camping, rock climbing, kayaking, and unforgettable photo ops are just around the corner. This camp is perfect for the adventure seekers in your community. (You know, the ones skating down the handrails and bannisters after midnight) Children of active duty, Reserve, National Guard, retired and former service members are all eligible to apply for their scholarship.

Bernard Curtis Brown II Memorial NASA Space Camp

Space Camp is a six-day program that shows young men and women firsthand what it takes to be an astronaut. Activities include simulated Space Shuttle missions, training simulators, rocket building and launches, scientific experiments, and lectures of the past, present, and future of space exploration.

To provide financial assistance, The Bernard Curtis Brown II Memorial Space Camp scholarship covers full tuition, round trip transportation, meals, lodging, and program materials. Student applicant must meet one of the following prerequisites: the child of a military member on active duty or mobilized Guard or Reserves, post 9/11 veteran; the child of a military member who died while serving on active duty or mobilized Guard or reserve status; and enrolled in grades six through nine.