Stories of Hope

By on Jul 20, 2020 in News

Although a few states have begun relaxing visitation restrictions for assisted living facilities, the pandemic isn’t over yet. So senior living providers have continued to follow stringent protocols for protection. They’re doing all they can to keep residents healthy – and happy.

Here’s another roundup of clients with uplifting stories to brighten your day:

Festivities for Father’s Day

Since families were unable to celebrate Father’s Day in person with their loved ones, staff at Merrill Gardens went above and beyond to make the day special for the dads in their communities. Employees in Monterey created little gift bags, provided lunch and hired a live jazz band to brighten things up. Staff at other communities, including Willow Glen and Madison, did their own versions of gift baskets as well. Check out Merrill Gardens’ blog post for the Father’s Day photos.

Bringing families one step closer

Over the past few months, many senior living communities have implemented their own version of window visits or visiting stations with barriers to protect residents. Aegis Living has taken the idea one step further by designing “outdoor living rooms,” complete with comfy chairs and decorations, to go with the plexiglass shields.

“With each passing week of residents being physically separated from loved ones, we knew we had to find a better way,” said Kris Engskov, president of Aegis Living. “Design consulting and support from infectious disease experts and physicians helped us create these beautiful, new Outdoor Living Rooms to bring families together again – safely.”

Horses with hats pay a visit

While there’s no replacement for a family member dropping by to say hi, there’s no stopping a smile if horses in a clown hat and tiara walked up to your window. At Maple Wood Alzheimer’s Special Care Center, that’s just what happened. Residents were treated to a special, socially distant visit from a pair of quarter horses to lift their spirts.

“Animal therapy is a beautiful thing,” said Stefanie Collinsworth, the horses’ owner and a hospice nurse who usually works at the community. “It’s been very special, and I’m so thankful that we’re able to do this.”

Small gestures, big gratitude

Multiple Brightview Senior Living communities have received heartwarming gifts from family members and the public. At Brightview Devon, a group of neighbors came together and created over a hundred personalized cards (plus a handful of necklaces). The outside community wanted to remind residents that they were all in this together, and the campaign organizer delivered every resident their own card with messages of care.

At Brightview Lake Tappan, staff were sent a catered lunch, desserts and a thank-you card from the loved ones of a resident who passed away from COVID. “They were so appreciative of the love and care we provided,” said one employee in a recent article.

Pen pals wanted

Want to show your own support for senior living residents? Residents at North Pointe of Archdale, a Victorian Senior Care community, have put out a call for pen pals, posting photos with residents holding cards that share their names and interests. From cooking to music to animals, there’s a lot in common to talk about. Visit the Facebook post to find a pen pal and get writing!