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Staff Appreciation

By on Feb 3, 2020 in News, People

Do you have members on your team that go above and beyond the call of duty? Or maybe you want to reassure your staff that their opportunities are just that—opportunities! There are several reasons for employee appreciation efforts. But unless you can offer family vacations and luxury cars for everyone, you may struggle with affordable ways to convey that you care.

Show your team some Valentine’s Day love with these creative and inexpensive staff appreciation ideas.

First Things First—Thank Them

Have you actually said, “Great work” or” Thank you”? If not, start there. The phrases are so simple but when they’re sincere, they’re effective and motivating.

While exploring the other ideas on this list, be sure to include a verbal and/or written word of thanks to make the maximum impact.

Affordable Group Outings

Organize a free, outdoor activity for your staff. Consider a group hike, walk, frisbee golf, or team sport at a local park. Such activities encourage team members to get active (ahem, lower health care costs) while building camaraderie.

Team Yoga

Corporate yoga classes are another great way to unwind. Yoga can teach employees healthy ways to destress, control their emotional responses, boost energy, and improve sleep. The possible benefits are truly endless!

Host a visiting teacher at your office to include as many employees as possible at a reasonable rate. You can also request a private class for your group at a local studio. Many studios will provide mats and affordable pricing for private groups.

To accommodate the most students, consider a basic hatha or restorative yoga practices.

Community Activities

Many neighborhoods host inexpensive activities that can serve as a fun outing for your team–and you don’t have to organize the events! Outdoor movies, concerts, festivals, and food fairs are easy ways to congratulate your team on a job well done.

Essential Sweet Treats

Never underestimate the power of sweets! Most sugary delicacies are refined carbohydrates. They release endorphins, hormones that make us feel satisfied and happy.

Too much, however, results in a sugar crash and potential loss of productivity. Get endorphin-releasing goodness without the crash by offering the dynamic duo of carbs and fiber.( You can also skip the science by ordering delicious sugar free treats )

Make it fun by creating “bars” that let employees take a break to assemble their sweet treats. Consider:

  • Fondue bar for dipping fruit, nuts, and pretzels into chocolate or caramel
  • Trail mix bar offering nuts, dried fruit and candies
  • Parfait bar with a variety fresh fruits, granolas, and yogurts (dairy, goat milk, sheep milk, and coconut milk, or fruit flavors)

Bonus—Make Their Jobs Easier!

Nothing says, “I care!” like making work easier for your staff. Yardi offers full suites of products for multifamily, commercial, and affordable properties. With a single sign-on, you can improve efficiencies with less data entry, fewer redundant tasks, and streamlining daily tasks.