New Milestone!

By on Nov 8, 2022 in Senior Living

You may have read our past blog posts on the Yardi Pharmacy Network, our growing market of pharmacies connected with senior living providers using Yardi eMAR. Excitingly, that market has just reached a new milestone. We’re happy to announce that Yardi now has 500+ communities with a live pharmacy interface!

It’s a wonderful accomplishment that our senior living team is proud to share. See below for more details.

Exploring the Yardi Pharmacy Network

In case you’re unfamiliar with the Yardi Pharmacy Network, we’ll go over some key points. In essence, this dynamic network facilitates communication between point-of-care staff and pharmacies, resulting in a higher standard of medication administration.

Yardi eMAR integrates with a variety of pharmacy interfaces including QS/1, FrameworkLTC, Omnicare, Computer-Rx, Prodigy, PharMerica and Suite RX. View our full list of current partners.

In joining the Yardi Pharmacy Network, pharmacies gain a competitive edge with access to senior living providers who have adopted Yardi’s platform. For providers, that results in simplified operations, reduced costs with order management, seamless electronic refill requests and automated medication reconciliation.

Yardi Pharmacy Network reaches new milestone

To better illustrate why we’re excited about the 500+ (501, to be exact) communities milestone, here’s a breakdown of the numbers in prior years:

  • 2019: 100 communities
  • 2020: 200 communities
  • 2021: 396 communities
  • 2022: 501 communities

Each integration has several moving parts, so this growth is a testament to our wonderful team, senior living clients and the partnered pharmacies. Learn more about the Yardi Pharmacy Network in our brochure.

Get in touch

Thanks for reading all about our new milestone — we look forward to updating you as our growth continues. If you have any questions on the Yardi Pharmacy Network, don’t hesitate to get in touch.