Perspectives on Filling Tech Voids

By on Apr 1, 2024 in Senior Living

Continuing our senior living blog series, we’re breaking down the next theme in Argentum’s recent technology survey — filling the technology void.

This theme was inspired by the following: When asked what’s needed to improve resident health management, survey respondents claimed it’s better collaboration in the industry, investment in technology to support data sharing and a widespread adoption of electronic health record systems (EHRs).

We take a closer look below, sharing more on Argentum’s findings — and covering how our senior living  technology can lend a helping hand.

Filling the technology void

What’s needed to achieve comprehensive health management in the senior living industry? According to Argentum’s findings, roughly 61% of respondents claimed it’s “partnerships and collaboration between health care systems and providers.” Collaboration was closely followed by investment in new technology to support data sharing and analytics (according to 58.06% of respondents) — and widespread adoption of EHRs (51.61% of respondents).

Respondents also shared that when vetting technology solutions, having resources that show demonstratable return on investment (ROI) is needed.

See how our senior living technology can help

As a longstanding provider of care solutions in senior living, we recognize the importance of everything operators shared in Argentum’s survey. We continuously focus on the needs of the industry when evolving our technology, including Yardi EHR — our full-service electronic health record solution.

Not only is Yardi EHR a leading solution built to help operators simplify record keeping, streamline caregiver tasks and more, it’s also an interoperable platform — meaning it connects with verified interface partners to exchange comprehensive data. Everything is automatic and seamless, with data flowing to and from Yardi EHR in real time.

Speaking to the Argentum survey results, our interoperable partnership with Kno2 is a key avenue for collaborating with health care systems. Kno2 is a health information platform that offers access to unlimited cloud faxing, direct secure messaging and referral networks. In essence, you can connect Yardi EHR to all outside providers, HIEs and health systems via Kno2 — enabling better visibility and resident health management. Learn more about our interoperability initiatives and partnership with Kno2.

Looking at additional ways Yardi EHR supports data sharing and improving resident health outcomes, it’s important to note the platform’s integration with Senior IQ, our dynamic business intelligence solution. Thanks to the seamless connection between these two systems — which unite on a single platform — our clients have access to real-time clinical data.

Clinical data is drawn directly from Yardi EHR and presented via intuitive dashboards in Senior IQ, making it easy to track clinical trends, identify residents at risk, pinpoint problems and improve protocols. Learn more about the power of clinical data in Senior IQ.

Discover how our clients are building success

We understand the value in hearing from industry peers when exploring technology solutions. Be sure to explore Yardi senior living client success stories, case studies and testimonial videos to see how they’re driving success and maximizing ROI.

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