Perspectives on Closing Tech Gaps

By on Apr 8, 2024 in Senior Living

We’ve reached the conclusion of our senior living blog series, where we share our perspectives on themes from Argentum’s recent technology survey. Argentum conducted the survey to assess where operators’ priorities lie when it comes to technology — and explore what innovations are needed to meet their expectations.  

Four key themes emerged from the report, including today’s theme, the fourth and final: urgency to close technology gaps. In short, operators are recognizing that given the evolving state of the industry, it’s time to accelerate technology innovation and adoption.

We share more of the survey findings below and give a highlight of how our ever-evolving single connected solution is built to meet every need.

Urgency to close technology gaps

According to Argentum’s research, operators recognize that technology innovation is needed to keep up with industry shifts. From staffing challenges to navigating a new generation of residents, senior living communities are constantly navigating something new.  

When asked what innovation is needed in the tech space, survey respondents noted they’re seeking the following: solutions designed for the unique needs of senior living. And taking that a step further, they’re supportive of co-innovating with technology companies to create such solutions. 80% of respondents shared this sentiment.

See how Yardi welcomes co-innovation

At Yardi, we are committed to taking care of our clients, which involves listening to feedback and collaborating to shape the future of our solutions. And with 40 years of experience in the industry, we’ve consistently devoted our efforts to this. We know the senior living industry is constantly shifting, which means operators’ needs (especially as they relate to technology) are continuously shifting, too.

Our products across the Yardi Senior Living Suite are a testament to this, as each solution — from EHR to business intelligence — is enhanced each year based on co-innovation with our clients. We stay in touch to ensure we’re understanding each client’s unique needs, challenges and goals, and our team of industry experts makes it a priority to evolve our solutions accordingly.

At its core, our suite of products is designed to always meet the unique needs of senior living.  

Of course, our clients can speak to their experience with this co-innovation best. Explore their success stories, case studies and testimonial videos to see how they’re building success thanks to a collaborative relationship with our team.

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