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By on Jul 10, 2024 in Senior Living

New features in the Yardi Senior Living Suite are here! This release includes improvements to Voyager Senior Housing, RentCafe Senior CRM, EHR and eMAR and as always, everything was powered by client feedback.

Explore new functionality in the Yardi Senior Living Suite, an integrated solution by a Forbes Cloud 100 provider.

Keep reading for a snapshot of what’s new! Our senior living clients can also explore new features documentation and webinars, shared below.

See evolved functionality in Voyager Senior Housings

Voyager Senior Housing is our community management solution that unites financial accounting and complete business oversight in one place. Courtesy of the new release, this single connected solution now offers:

1) Community Manager dashboard updates including features to move-in and manage services for residents plus the option to remove a pending manage service.

2) The ability to move non-residents into excluded units and bill them.

3) A new option to require lease execution at move-in.

4) Expanded abilities for managing leave of absence details after moving out Medicaid residents.

5) Refreshed entrance fee functionality such as amortization when a daily rate changes mid-month and ledger consolidation with drill down to individual transactions.

Learn more about the Voyager Senior Housing new features.

Explore new features in RentCafe Senior CRM

RentCafe Senior CRM — our mobile-friendly sales and marketing solution — is built to help operators strengthen lead management, maximize occupancy and more. With the latest release, our clients benefit from:

1) The ability to capture gender identity and pronouns on the prospect profile which transfers to Voyager Senior Housing and EHR upon resident creation.

2) The option to set specific charge codes for concession in the proposal workflow.

3) Functionality to force a lease to be executed before you can move-in a resident.

For a complete list of new features, clients can click Help in CRM and select Updates and New Features.

Discover the latest in EHR & eMAR

EHR (our full-service electronic health record solution) and eMAR (our dynamic medication management solution) are both designed to help staff deliver the highest quality care. Thanks to the new release, clients will now access:

1) The option to update all active and inactive care plans simultaneously with a new community care plan feature.

2) A new document signature section in the resident profile that gives better visibility into workflows and equips you to generate new documents for digital signature.

3) Usability enhancements to the order resolution queue that allow you to bulk archive, reprocess or delete.

4) The ability to view the complete field modification history of a progress note directly from the resident progress notes screen.

5) The option to link progress notes that different users entered, then view all linked notes at one time.

Watch the EHR new features webinar and the EHR new features setup and configuration webinar.

For a complete list of new features, clients can click Help in EHR and select Updates and New Features.

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