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By on May 17, 2022 in Senior Living

73 percent of employees at Commonwealth Senior Living say it’s a great place to work compared to 57 percent of employees at a typical U.S.-based company.

That’s according to a survey made possible by Great Place To Work, and it’s exactly why this senior living provider earned a place on the 2022 Great Place To Work list.

Great Place To Work makes it easy to survey employees, uncover actionable insights and get recognized for exceptional company culture. Across industries, earning a place on the list means employees report a positive work experience — and a true appreciation for their employer and company as a whole.

From our team here at Yardi, congratulations to Commonwealth Senior Living for earning a place on the 2022 list!

Commonwealth named 2022 Great Place To Work

Creating an environment in which employees feel respected and empowered is no easy task. And when it comes to senior living, employers need to treat employees in a way that positions them — and empowers them — to provide excellent resident care.

Earning a spot on the 2022 Great Place To Work list, Commonwealth embodies what it means to maintain a great workplace. Drawing from the administered survey, Commonwealth employees reported the following:

  • 89 percent feel their work has special meaning: this is not “just a job”
  • 84 percent feel they make a difference at the company
  • 82 percent feel a sense of pride when looking at what the company accomplishes
  • 82 percent say when you join the company, you’re made to feel welcome
  • 80 percent feel people at the company are given a sense of responsibility

Great Place To Work also draws top words from employee comments within the survey, which included things like love, care, team and family for Commonwealth. Read more about what makes Commonwealth employees love what they do.

Learn about Commonwealth Senior Living

Flipping the organizational chart upside down, Commonwealth firmly believes that all home office and regional management positions exist to support the services that are being provided at their communities. Ultimately, the people who are providing the care to residents are the most important asset to the company.

Commonwealth has roughly 1,722 employees based throughout the U.S and offers services in independent living, assisted living and memory care. Explore what makes Commonwealth different.

This provider’s success with Yardi

In order to serve residents with excellence and provide the best care possible, Commonwealth draws help from the Yardi Senior Living Suite. From RentCafe Senior CRM, to Yardi EHR to Yardi eMAR, Yardi’s integrated tools give Commonwealth employees everything needed to devote their efforts to improving residents’ lives. Learn about Yardi’s single connected solution for senior living.

We couldn’t be happier to share Commonwealth’s Great Place To Work certification — and congratulate them for their amazing company culture. Be sure to read more about Commonwealth and their efforts in senior living