COVID-19 Rental Housing Support Initiative

By on Feb 11, 2021 in Giving, News

Supporting the rental housing sector through the pandemic and beyond is a priority for the industry’s preeminent technology provider. Yardi is proud to be a primary sponsor of the newly launched COVID-19 Rental Housing Support Initiative. The project is a collaboration of The Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM), National Apartment Association (NAA), National Multifamily Housing Council (NMHC) and National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM).

In mid-2020, Yardi committed $1 million to supporting COVID-19 Rental Housing Support and the programs developed by this initiative.

“With nearly 40 million Americans living in apartments, the rental housing industry plays a critical role in housing them safely and securely. We are delighted that the four major associations who serve the rental housing industry – NAA, NMHC, IREM, NARPM – will share knowledge, develop industry benchmarks, research new ways of operating and provide forward-thinking solutions for the benefit of residents, owners and the rental housing industry,” said Anant Yardi, president and founder of Yardi.

The support includes mental health resources and fact-based information on renting, legislative support for the industry, liability information and other tools. A variety of ongoing support resources will be released in early 2021. Those materials can be found online at

Examples of the content provided include:

Mental health resources: The first installment of mental health resources focuses on isolation and will be followed with additional content, released over the next few weeks, on resiliency, anxiety and financial stress. These mental health assets can be beneficial for anyone.

Update: Mental health videos and other resources became available on February 11. “The COVID-19 Rental Housing Support Initiative is excited to unveil the next resource included within the Mental Health Toolkit. The resiliency library is available now for firms to share with their residents and employees,” shared NMHC in a tweet. Find content on coping with isolation and cultivating resiliency. Pieces on managing anxiety and financial stress are still to come.

Legislative support: Data and information will be provided by videos and other formats so decision-makers can understand the importance of creating emergency assistance programs and understanding the impact of the eviction moratorium. A link to legislative resources will be available soon.

Liability information: Property owners and operators must keep up with new guidelines and ongoing legislation. A comprehensive ebook provided by the initiative will help them do so. Attorney information will also be available in a liability-focused online resource library.

Media support: The “Rental Housing Industry Myth Quiz” is just one way to engage with the public and provide information about the situation for rental housing industry owners and operators. The quiz provides information about the impact of the pandemic on their businesses. Other content will reinforce themes like the value of renting. Take the Myth Quiz yourself at

“Yardi is committed to supporting the multifamily industry for the duration of the pandemic,” said Esther Bonardi, vice president of marketing at Yardi. “Our company mission is dedicated to supporting our clients and communities, and in this case the entire rental housing realm is part of that community.”

Resources will roll out over the next weeks, concluding in early March. Visit to for ongoing updates, or check back to this blog post, which will be updated whenever new assets are available.